HOPE will offer two therapy models.

Intensive Therapy Camps

Because there’s usually a maximum of one hour of therapy, where you try to teach the brain what the correct patterns are, while the brain spends the rest of the day exhibiting the wrong patterns.

So how can you teach the brain how to override its problems if you only do what’s supposed to be done only an hour in a day. This is where the concept of Intensive therapy comes in.

Intensive therapy is a form of therapy where you work in an intense form with the brain and the muscles to give a child a developmental leap. The ITC (Intensive Therapy Camp) is tailored on each child’s specific age, needs and capabilities.

Continuous Therapy

Daily Continuous Therapy is KEY in Child development to prevent/correct deformities as well as help in gaining motor, occupational and cognitive skills.

Continuous therapy addresses the child’s general strength and abilities in the areas of gross and fine motor skills and mobility including the child’ s posture, sensory processing, muscle tone, coordination, developmental skills, expressive language, auditory processing, memory, articulation, fluency, oral-motor development, and feeding skill.

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