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HOPE will offer two therapy models.

Intensive Therapy Camps

Hope intensive therapy Camp is a unique approach that gives children a developmental boost by combining pediatric physiotherapy ( Cuevas MEDEK Exercises - CME®) , occupational therapy, feeding therapy (oro-motor approach) and speech and language therapy into an intensive plan based on the child’s needs.

We recommend a minimum period of 2 continuous week to be able to achieve tangible goals/milestones for children.

Research indicates that intensive therapy is more effective at improving children’s functional skills when compared to traditional models. Studies have shown that intensive therapy helps a child realize the same goals it would usually take a full year of traditional therapy to achieve. Patients with neuromuscular challenges need this focused and intense approach that provides time to practice the skills they need to learn — like sitting, standing or walking.

An intensive program has shown to build on current skills and it takes children to another level of function toward independence.

Continuous Therapy

Daily Continuous Therapy is KEY in Child development to prevent/correct deformities as well as help in gaining motor, occupational and cognitive skills.

Continuous therapy addresses the child’s general strength and abilities in the areas of gross and fine motor skills and mobility including the child’ s posture, sensory processing, muscle tone, coordination, developmental skills, expressive language, auditory processing, memory, articulation, fluency, oral-motor development, and feeding skill.

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