ClickCease Payal | Hope Abilitation Medical center


Practicing Yoga has helped Payal bring about positive changes in not only her own life but our clients.

Payal is a certified Hatha Yoga teacher and helps our clients cultivate mindfulness and self-awareness. Payal has always been passionate about mental health, physical wellbeing and nutrition. Payal shares her knowledge of yoga and yogic diet with others to help heal individuals and families with emotional and health challenges.

Working on breath control and practicing yoga regularly can be liberating and help us heal our heart and our mind by focusing on the present moment. Hatha Yoga is a slow and steady practice which helps in building a strong body and steady mind by maintaining correct postures and alignment along with concentration on the breath and awareness of the mental state. Paypal is also certified to teach prenatal yoga, and Yoga for people with disabilities.

As a new mother of a special needs baby I was love to take care of my precious family and help others through the practice of yoga.