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Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Augmentative and Alternative Communication Dubai – For Children with Complex Communication Needs

Communication is the basis of society as it is the way by which we express ourselves to others. It is something that children learn gradually from birth. However, some children fail to communicate properly or age-appropriately and hence, find it difficult to interact with others or follow instructions given by others. The paediatric Speech and Language Therapy proves to be helpful for such children having a speech impairment.

At Hope AMC, our trained Paediatric Speech Therapists use different types of advanced techniques to help children communicate properly. One such technique is Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Dubai. Other than verbal communication, there is also different ways of non-verbal communication. AAC comprises all the ways by which children can share their emotions, ideas, and feelings non-verbally through gestures, posture, facial expressions, etc. Communication can be effective even without words and AAC proves this fact. Children having severe speech and language issues, Cerebral Palsy, Autism Spectrum Disorder, etc., find AAC to be very helpful in communicating with others.

Techniques followed in Augmentative and Alternative Communication Dubai:

Unaided System:

In this system, gestures, facial expressions, body language, and sign language are used for communication.

Aided System:

In this system, certain tools or speech-generating devices (SGDs) are used and that can be both basic and technology-based. In the basic aided system, a simple pen and paper can be used as an effective tool of communication. A symbol communication board with pictures, letters, words, etc. can also be used. These are low-tech communication modes.

Whereas, in the technology-based aided system, high-tech communication devices are used, such as various iPad software, Picture Exchange Communication System or PECS (to communicate with pictures), Eyegaze machines, and Switches and Switch Placement are used at Hope AMC. AAC programs on iPad, such as TouchChat, Proloquo2Go, GoTalk, Prentke Romich Company programs like LAMP, Unity, Pragmatic Organization Dynamic Display (PODD), etc. are also used.

These devices and techniques are used for assessing the individual strengths, weaknesses, language skills, motor skills, vision or visual strength, cognitive skills, and language skills of the children. The approaches are designed as per the competence of the individual child.

The trained speech therapists at Hope AMC make the best use of the above-mentioned tools, techniques, and approaches of Augmentative and Alternative Communication Dubai and design Speech and Language Therapy programs tailored to individual child’s needs so as to make children capable of communicating and expressing themselves successfully.