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Hope Abilitation Medical center is a unique pediatric medical facility, It is a one stop destination for children healthcare, it’s the children’s place.

Hope Abilitation Medical and rehabilitation center in Dubai brings multiple specialties from around the world under one roof. Hope AMC covers both Medical & Rehabilitation aspects.

Hope AMC Clinics division caters children’s overall health and well being as well as their special needs. We have multiple clinics that address multiple areas. What is unique about Hope AMC medical center for children in Dubai is we have highly qualified pediatric doctors and therapists under the same roof collaborating and addressing the full needs of each child individually as a team.

Hope AMC Rehabilitation , or what we call our Abilitation Center. Abilitation is the concept of empowering every child with disabilities and challenges to reach his/her best possible unexplored potential along the spectrum of their physical, occupational, speech, and cognitive needs and we have the best pediatric therapists in Dubai.



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The development of vocal abilities in young children follows different stages or methods, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. It is easy to see the differences between young children of similar ages

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How Do You Know You’d See A Pediatric Orthopedic Therapy Specialist?

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The physiology of children differs from that of adults, so they may be diagnosed and treated differently for a wide range of disorders and injuries. We receive most referrals from children’s pediatricians

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Sampada GhorpadeSampada Ghorpade
09:31 01 Oct 22
We started visiting HOPE for our 2 year old son in October 2021. Since then we have a come a long way when it comes to improvement in his physical and motor developments, his speech and issues related to his feeding. We began physiotherapy with Ms. Khushboo. She has a very vast and rich experience in her field. She identified the gaps/problems correctly was able to address them really well. Ms Mansi worked on his feeding and speech problems. This area was 1 big challenge with our son. But Ms Mansi has exhibited a lot of patience and has always been very calm even when results were delayed. But we eventually started getting results and from thereon there has been constant improvement. Our son does occupational therapy with Ms Rabab and she is by far the best thing that has happened to our son so far. We have seen so much progress and improvements in Anshs motor skills, gross and fine both, lot of independence skills coming. Our son has become very affectionate towards her and it shows how much efforts shes putting into the child. We are very very thankful to all of them for all their efforts and tremedous dedication. Even the support staff at HOPE - Karen, MJ, Christine and Divya are all very helpful and supportive. The environment at their front office is never dull. Their small gestures of greeting every child and parent as they walk in and walk out amidst their work is something I really admire. The whole team at HOPE is really fantastic and we wish them all the very best.
Fatima HibaFatima Hiba
08:47 24 Sep 22
My son is doing therapies here since last march and we are well satisfied and happy with the progress he made....therapists and staffs are very friendly.....
Jesbin AmeenaJesbin Ameena
07:34 13 Sep 22
My son loves going to hope for his sessions and that itself says a lot..the therapists are very professional and friendly with the kids at the same time making them feel safe and comfortable..he is learning each day and we can definitely see improvement in the way he is interacting with others and voicing his needs..
Daisy SherifajDaisy Sherifaj
06:10 13 Sep 22
They do magic.. My Son he enjoys so much his therapy he doesn’t want to leave the class ! I can’t be more happy seeing my Son super happy and enjoying the therapy like a play dateRespekt for all of them all are super dedicated
Jailan AlieldinJailan Alieldin
12:42 27 Aug 22
I want to share my experience with Hope Abiliation Medical Centre is such an excellent place for my son. Starting from the reception to the therapist.Everyone there was amiable, and the therapist were very professional, determined and patient. You can see the Change on your kid very quick. Highly recommend.
vimal kurianvimal kurian
03:21 12 Aug 22
I would like to share my gratitude to Hope family here. Even at 2. 3 years old, my daughter has not started speaking well. But after starting the therapy here, there were sudden changes. Because she understood the need to talk and the fun in it. Because the therapist would imitate its sound while teaching. She showed her how to pronounce the words with her lips. Now started talking a little. I am very happy😊
Nogod HassanNogod Hassan
20:25 28 Jul 22
An excellent center and all the specialists are excellent and the treatment is elegant and distinctive. thank you
Uzma KulsumUzma Kulsum
12:39 15 Apr 22
HOLD ON PAIN ENDS...This is so apt for this therapy center. After a long wait of 2 years(thanks to covid) , we finally decided to fly to Dubai from Doha for 3 weeks for my daughter s intensive program particularly CME. And , this was a decision I would never regret.CME is definitely a game changer and it worked wonders. We could see a more stronger trunk and a better posture within the short span of 3 weeks. Ms. Liliana was the therapist who worked with inaaya and she did a brilliant job. Everyone we dealt with at Hope were friendly and helpful.Ms.khushboo and Mr.Adel , our physiotherapists were wonderful. All of them made sure we understood what was being done and How and Why. Most importantly, they armed us with the knowledge, skills and exercises to continue our home program, which is so very important for us parents.Ms. Amal Tolba, the director and founder of Hope , is an amazing , compassionate and such a humble personality. She went above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable and was always available to guide us. I am in awe of her and her commitment to all of the kids and their families who s lives she has touched in so many ways.Truly grateful for the opportunity to have had an intensive with Hope and looking forward to more that will aid in my daughter s progress. God bless u all.
18:44 01 Mar 22
Lucky to find this place our daughter is improving day by day.Hard working and professional therapist. Good Management and I highly recommend
Zalfa El rassZalfa El rass
12:08 16 Oct 21
I know how hard it can be for parents to find the right place and right therapy and trustful therapists. The staff is so professional and dedicated. The therapists are passionate about their work. This makes the difference when you see them striving and hoping for the results as much as the parents. It requires patience but when it is in the right place with the right people then we as parents feel so reassured and so hopeful about the future of our kids. I have seen tangible results with my kid since we started the speech therapy and the occupational therapy. Thank you Hope Medical Center !!!
It is a wonderful centre. Thank you hope team for everything
Garima AroraGarima Arora
11:57 22 Feb 21
The journey so far with HOPE has been wonderful. The staff and therapist are wonderful and helpful always.
Uma ShanthiniUma Shanthini
07:21 06 Feb 21
I'm being With HOPE for almost 3months and very happy see my son's progress, the way the therapist doing the sessions amazing. HOPE really built my confidence . THANK YOU hope team keep up the good work.
Jailan AlieldinJailan Alieldin
12:42 27 Aug 22
أرغب في مشاركة تجربتي مع مركز Hope Abiliation الطبي وهو مكان ممتاز لابني. بدءا من الاستقبال حتى المعالج.كان الجميع هناك ودودون ، وكان المعالج محترفًا للغاية وحازمًا وصبورًا. يمكنك رؤية التغيير على طفلك بسرعة كبيرة. موصى بة بشدة.
vimal kurianvimal kurian
03:21 12 Aug 22
أود أن أشارككم امتناني لعائلة الأمل هنا. حتى في سن الثانية والثالثة من عمرها ، لم تبدأ ابنتي في التحدث بشكل جيد. ولكن بعد بدء العلاج هنا ، حدثت تغيرات مفاجئة. لأنها تفهم ضرورة الكلام والمرح فيه. لأن المعالج يقلد صوته أثناء التدريس. أوضحت لها كيفية نطق الكلمات بشفتيها. الآن بدأ الحديث قليلا. انا سعيد جدا😊
Fatma AlkandaryFatma Alkandary
08:19 02 Aug 22
تم خوض التجربة مع هوب والنتائج مبهرة في خلال ٣ أسابيع والنتيجة جدا مرضية ، شكرا لكم
Nogod HassanNogod Hassan
20:25 28 Jul 22
مركز ممتاز وكل الاختصاصيين ممتازين وعلاج انيق ومميز. شكرا لك
uae 11uae 11
15:29 16 Apr 22
من أفضل المراكز لاعاده تأهيل الأطفال.. وصلت الهم عن طريق هيئه الصحه رشوحلي المركز لانه من احد افضل المراكز .. بنتي تعاني من الشلل الدماغي.. ساعدوها في الحركه وقللو التشنجات بعد علاج اقل من سنه بنتي تحاول تمشي وتجلس.. انصح الكل فيه.. شكرا لطاقم العمل المتعاون 💕💕
Uzma KulsumUzma Kulsum
12:39 15 Apr 22
انتظر حتى ينتهي الألم ... هذا مناسب جدًا لمركز العلاج هذا. بعد انتظار طويل لمدة عامين (بفضل covid) ، قررنا أخيرًا السفر إلى دبي من الدوحة لمدة 3 أسابيع لبرنامج ابنتي المكثف وخاصة التعليم الطبي المستمر. وكان هذا قرارًا لن أندم عليه أبدًا.التعليم الطبي المستمر هو بالتأكيد تغيير قواعد اللعبة وقد نجح في إحداث المعجزات. يمكننا أن نرى جذعًا أقوى ووضعية أفضل خلال فترة قصيرة من 3 أسابيع. كانت السيدة ليليانا هي المعالج الذي عمل مع عناية وقد قامت بعمل رائع. كل شخص تعاملنا معه في Hope كانوا ودودين ومتعاونين.السيدة خشبو والسيد عادل ، أخصائيو العلاج الطبيعي لدينا كانوا رائعين. كلهم تأكدوا من فهمنا لما تم فعله وكيف ولماذا. والأهم من ذلك أنهم قاموا بتزويدنا بالمعرفة والمهارات والتمارين لمواصلة برنامجنا المنزلي ، وهو أمر مهم جدًا بالنسبة لنا نحن الآباء.السيدة أمل طلبة ، مديرة ومؤسس Hope ، شخصية مدهشة ورحيمة ومتواضعة. لقد ذهبت إلى أبعد من ذلك للتأكد من أننا كنا مرتاحين وكانوا دائمًا متاحين لإرشادنا. أنا أشعر بالرهبة منها والتزامها تجاه جميع الأطفال وعائلاتهم الذين لمستهم من نواح كثيرة. تقدم الابنة. بارك الله فيكم جميعا.
Ahmad _ARJAhmad _ARJ
11:52 07 Mar 22
مركز ممتاز جداً و كان له نتايج ممتازة جداً على ولدي..اخصائيين على مستوى عالي صراحة .. انتهينا من فترة العلاج الاولى و لنا عودة قريبة ب اذن الله.. 🇸🇦
18:44 01 Mar 22
محظوظ للعثور على هذا المكان ابنتنا تتحسن يومًا بعد يوم.معالج محترف يعمل بجد. إدارة جيدة وأنا أوصي بشدة
Zalfa El rassZalfa El rass
12:08 16 Oct 21
أعلم مدى صعوبة إيجاد الآباء للمكان المناسب والعلاج المناسب والمعالجين الموثوق بهم. الموظفون محترفون ومتفانون. المعالجون متحمسون لعملهم. هذا يحدث فرقًا عندما تراهم يجاهدون ويأملون في تحقيق النتائج مثل الوالدين. يتطلب الأمر صبرًا ولكن عندما يكون في المكان المناسب مع الأشخاص المناسبين ، فإننا كآباء نشعر بالاطمئنان والأمل بشأن مستقبل أطفالنا. لقد رأيت نتائج ملموسة مع طفلي منذ أن بدأنا علاج النطق والعلاج المهني. شكرا مركز الأمل الطبي !!!

Hope Abilitation Medical Center was founded to give families all the care they need under one roof when it comes to their needs as well as their children’s needs.