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Hope Abilitation Medical center is a unique pediatric medical facility, It is a one stop destination for children healthcare, it’s the children’s place.

Hope Abilitation Medical and rehabilitation center in Dubai brings multiple specialties from around the world under one roof. Hope AMC covers both Medical & Rehabilitation aspects.

Hope AMC Clinics division caters children’s overall health and well being as well as their special needs. We have multiple clinics that address multiple areas. What is unique about Hope AMC medical center for children in Dubai is we have highly qualified pediatric doctors and therapists under the same roof collaborating and addressing the full needs of each child individually as a team.

Hope AMC Rehabilitation , or what we call our Abilitation Center. Abilitation is the concept of empowering every child with disabilities and challenges to reach his/her best possible unexplored potential along the spectrum of their physical, occupational, speech, and cognitive needs and we have the best pediatric therapists in Dubai.



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Spasticity Control Therapy

Botox Treatment for Spasticity Muscle Control Disorder & A Ready Rehabilitation For Your Child

By admin | March 8, 2021

Spasticity is a prevalent disabling clinical condition for children with cerebral palsy. Spacity stiffens or tightens muscles, resulting in prevention of normal fluid movement. More than 12 million people

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Occupational Therapy for Children

3 Signs Your Child Needs Occupational Therapy as Early Intervention

By admin | March 4, 2021

Playing is the occupation of a child. It helps them explore the world around them, learn to interact with it, and develop essential life skills that will help them connect with others, and do things independently one

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Early Intervention Physiotherapy

Pediatric Physical Therapy: Why See A Pediatric Physical Therapist for Your Child?

By admin | February 24, 2021

Like all parents, you also want your child to be as healthy and comfortable as possible while growing up, right? Seeing a pediatric physical therapist can help achieve your goal.

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Hope Abilitation Medical Center was founded to give families all the care they need under one roof when it comes to their needs as well as their children’s needs.