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ABA Therapy

Personalized ABA Therapy 

“Personalized support for your child and one-on-one intensive ABA therapy for behavior modification and skills development.”

ABA Therapy – The Most Effective Therapy for Autism

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy is effective in improving social, communication, and learning skills through positive reinforcement. One of the most widely accepted therapies, ABA therapy can treat children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), a common developmental disorder found in children of all ages impairing a child’s ability to communicate and interact. ASD can get diagnosed at any age, most likely in the very early years of childhood and the condition may gradually become worse if treatment is not started on time.

ABA therapy is mainly based on scientific study, known as Behavior Analysis. From a child of 2-year to any age group, the surrounding environment plays a vital role in building a child’s behavior. ABA therapy uses different effective approaches to encourage and improve socially significant positive behaviors in children on the autism spectrum. 

From Applied Behavior Therapy in Dubai at Hope AMC, children can acquire language and communication ability, reasoning skills, motor skills, social skills, learning and academic skills, verbal behaviors, self-care ability, play skills, etc.

Children with the following symptoms may benefit from ABA Therapy:

  • Difficulty with communication and social interaction
  • Difficulty with self-care tasks, such as getting dressed
  • Sensory processing disorder
  • When a child exhibits challenging behaviors, such as aggression or self-injury
  • Eating disorders
  • Cognitive impairment after brain injury
  • Anxiety and related conditions such as panic disorder, OCD, and phobia
  • Anger issues

Early Childhood Interventions

For brain development, the right time is early childhood. During this early stage, learning and development are most rapid and flexible and the early years establish how the child will learn and develop later in life. By providing high-quality intervention in early childhood, ABA therapy specialists could modify radically the child’s outcomes and the chance for the child to develop a happy and fulfilled life. 

Considering it, early childhood intervention is really crucial. So, as soon as the parents or the teachers notice that something in a child not going in the expected direction should intervene. 

Without hesitation, contact a pediatric ABA therapy specialist if you have any concerns about your child’s development. The ABA therapy can result in a positive behavioral change:

  • Showing more interest in people around 
  • Having more focus at school
  • Having fewer tantrums or other outbursts
  • Staying away from self-harming behaviors
  • Communicating with other people more effectively
  • Learn to ask for things they want (a certain toy or food, for example), clearly and specifically

“We provide one-on-one individualized ABA therapy to children and involve their parents to encourage their children to practice the skills at home and reinforce the positive behavior constantly.”

Best ABA Therapy Center in Dubai

Hope AMC, a complete medical care facility for children, brings multiple specialties from around the world under one roof and caters to children’s overall health and well-being as well as their special needs.  

At Hope AMC, with the help of this applied behavior analysis therapy, the therapists diagnose the reason behind the occurrence of the problem behavior and accordingly, offer the necessary intervention, besides constant monitoring of the child’s behavior, collection of observational data, thorough assessment, and functional analysis are the steps involved in FBA. 

Related Programs:

ABA Therapy at Hope Abilitation Medical Center in Dubai

01 Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention

Develop a positive reinforcement approach strategy to teach communication, social interaction, and functional and adaptive skills

02 Verbal Behavior Interventions

Help your child to become more verbal or increase their communication skills. 

03 Pivotal Response Training 

To help your child take the lead in a learning activity. Our ABA therapists will, though, offer a few choices based on specific skills. 

04 Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) 

Design play-based activities that incorporate several goals at once

Teach skill through structured task completion and rewards

What Can You Do?

Schedule an appointment with our ABA Therapy specialists at our state-of-the-art pediatric healthcare facility in Dubai – Hope AMC to consult for your child and help your child for quick recovery of the conditions. 

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