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Occupational Therapy Dubai

Let Your Child Gain full Independence through Occupational Therapy in Dubai

By the term ‘occupation’, we usually mean a job or a profession, which helps us to earn our living. But, for a child, ‘occupation’ means basic childhood activities like learning and playing. However, many children with physical disabilities and delayed motor skills find it difficult to do the simple everyday tasks age-appropriately.Occupational Therapy in Dubai helps these children in performing their daily tasks or occupations with as much independence as possible. OT Therapy for kids is for children of all age groups and even for the infants. It is a developmental approach that focuses on improving the fine and gross motor skills in children with special needs and enhances their sensory integration, visual motor skills, handwriting skills, grooming skills, learning ability, as well as social skills.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy UAE

Hope AMC is one of the unique Occupational Therapy clinics in Dubai, where Occupational Therapy for special needs children is provided. At Hope AMC, we have the best trained and experienced pediatric occupational therapists, who conduct thorough pediatric Occupational Therapy assessments before designing Occupational Therapy Programs for an individual child so that his/her specific needs can be addressed. Advanced therapeutic techniques and tools are used by the therapists to ensure that the children can achieve their goals and gain maximum independence in conducting the OT activities for children. We believe that parents are the best teachers and they should be an essential part of their child’s treatment and hence, we encourage them to attend the therapy sessions.

If your child has the following issues, then Occupational Therapy for children will be beneficial for him/her:

  • If he/she is facing sensory challenges like over or under-responsive sensory input.
  • If he/she is having poor fine motor skills.
  • If he/she is having attention and concentration problems like difficulty in sitting still at one place or listening attentively, etc.
  • If he/she is having poor eye-hand coordination.
  • If he/she is lacking social skills like limited peer interaction, decreased play skills, etc.
  • If he/she is unable to perform the daily self-care tasks independently.
  • If he/she is facing difficulty in sleeping.
  • If he/she is facing emotional challenges like getting agitated or failing to calm self or showing any other kind of abnormal emotional reactions.
  • If he/she is having difficulty in accepting changes in the daily routine or environment.

For all these problems, contact us and let us help your child.