Is your child dependent on a feeding tube for eating? Using feeding tubes (whether PEG Tube, Nasogastric Tube or J Tube) to make children eat, often causes feeding dependency that leads to difficulty in the transition from tube to oral feeding later.

Common signs of feeding tube dependency are:

  • Vomiting
  • Gagging
  • Food Refusal
  • Food Aversions and Avoidance patterns

Looking for a solution to your child’s feeding dependency? Tube weaning is the answer. It is a method that helps children become happy and healthy eaters by eliminating their dependency on feeding tubes. Tube weaning is a structured approach involving behavioural strategies, nutritional modifications, oral-motor therapy, sensory integration, hunger-inducing, etc., all of which helps to make a tube fed child eat orally and independently.

Tube Weaning is a Helpful Intervention for Children Dependent on a Feeding Tube in the Following Ways:

  • It teaches a child to eat, reduces food aversions
  • Increases your child’s autonomy and improves their oral skills
  • Makes the transition from Tube to Oral Acceptance Smooth

Hope AMC has collaborated with Dr. Markus Wilken for this tube weaning program to help children with feeding tube dependency. Dr. Markus Wilken has almost more than 20 publications in feeding problems and he has to date, successfully completed more than 300 tube weans. His primary mission is to grow independent eaters. He offers consulting services for Tube weaning in Dubai to families whose children are medically ready for the transition from Tube to oral feeding. His philosophy for Tube weaning is to respect the child, create trust within them, use appetite and support parents in their own ‘Tube weans’ as the child moves into family mealtimes.



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