Hope AMC – Offering Complete Medical Care for Children and Parents
Hope AMC (Abilitation Medical Center) was formed with the aim of providing complete medical care and facilities to children. It brings to you multiple specialties of medical services, thus, becoming a unique one-stop destination for family healthcare. We bring all the specialist doctors under one roof making it easier for patients to access premium medical services. Hope AMC caters to all the healthcare needs and rehabilitation facilities for children. We make you feel at home with all our care and support. You are welcome to the Hope Family.

Hope AMC Clinics
We have a state-of-the-art multispecialty outpatient clinic, where complete medical care and facilities (both diagnostics and wellness services) for the family are provided. We have a team of internationally certified doctors and medical experts offering medical services of international standards.

The widest range of medical specialties that our clinics cover are –

  • General Pediatrics: Our general pediatric clinic is completely dedicated to children’s healthcare, from infants to adolescents. Different conditions treated by our expert pediatricians include – baby care, developmental delays,, ENT infections, asthma, neurological issues, and immunization programs, health education and promotion, etc., are provided.
  • Pediatric Gastroenterology: Gastrointestinal and liver diseases like colic, infant breast and formula feeding, ulcerative colitis, pancreatic disorders, colonic polyps, constipation, weight and growth problems, etc., of children of all ages, are treated here successfully.
  • Orthopedics: In this clinic, the diseases and injuries related to the musculoskeletal system are treated. The conditions taken care of are – pediatric orthopedic care, spine care, bone health and fragility, fractures, bone and soft tissue tumors, sports medicine, etc.
  • Clinical Genetics: Diagnosis, treatment, and medical counseling of different genetic diseases and disorders are provided here. The services include – preventive genetics, genetic or inherited syndromes, infertility and recurrent miscarriages, hereditary cancers, chromosomal disorders, mitochondrial disorders, diagnosis and clinical evaluation of genetic and metabolic diseases in children, and much more.
  • Osteopathy: Preventive medicine is the main focus of osteopathy clinic, where various postural restrictions that cause pain and dysfunction are removed to restore good health. Certain conditions that are treated include postural problems, neuromuscular imbalances, spinal injuries, headaches and migraines, sciatica, arthritis, and more.

Hope AMC Rehabilitation Services
Hope AMC is one of the leading pediatric neurological rehabilitation centers in Dubai. Hope AMC offers all rehabilitation facilities for children with special needs and caters to different advanced and proven pediatric therapies that have been invented and are practiced worldwide. Hope AMC offers a plethora of highly advanced rehabilitation techniques – Intensive Therapy, Pediatric Physical Therapy, Cuevas Medek Exercises (CME®), Feeding Therapy, Tube Weaning, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Augmentative and Alternative Communication, ABA Therapy, Lego Therapy, Social Skills Group, Sensory Integration, and School Support Services.

Hope AMC is such a rehabilitation center, where children with various disabilities are empowered with the abilities to explore their maximum potential and overcome their physical, speech, language, occupational, and intellectual challenges. We believe every child is born with unique abilities, one just needs to realize it and utilize those abilities in the best way to win over the disabilities. Hence, Hope AMC is more an abilitation center, where abilities are explored and gained.

We organize intensive therapy camps as well as, offer long-term therapeutic solutions to children of different age groups. We offer individualized tailored therapy programs suiting the needs of each child specifically, to ensure better results.

We cover a range of of diagnosis – from genetic disorders to neurological issues. And therefore, we work on different disabilities that arise from neurological or genetic origins or both, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, traumatic brain injury, brachial plexus injury, muscular dystrophy, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders (ADHD), Spina Bifida, genetic syndromes, learning disabilities, developmental delays, seizure disorders and epilepsy, and more.

At Hope AMC, we care for every child and our therapists after assessing the needs of each child, design a unique therapy plan step by step, catering to the specific needs. Our therapists work closely with the parents to set therapeutic goals for their children and achieve the best possible results. Constant monitoring and evaluation of the children’s progress are done by us to ensure that each of them reaches the goals of maximizing their potential.

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