Spider therapy is an intense physiotherapy where the child is suspended at the centre of the exercise unit. This exercise unit is supported by bungee cords and belts to provide proper posture to the child.

Children can stand without the help of the therapist, and this exercise unit facilitates balance and also allows freedom of movement. Each bungee cord is of different elasticity.

How Does the Spider Cage Work?
As mentioned earlier, the child is suspended at the centre of the cage with the help of bungee and cords. These cords provide the right amount of balance to the child allowing him or her to move independently.

The child can now jump, crawl, stand, etc. and perform all the exercises with the partial weight. This helps the child to develop sensory integration and also a sense of security to master the activities.

This intensive therapy is suggested by our therapists in the following cases:

    • Implement different exercises in the respective positions
    • Perform daily living activities and master the practice in a safe environment.
    • Strengthen specific body parts of the child and also isolate, stimulate certain muscle groups that need rehabilitation in a controlled way
    • Reduce pathological movements in children
    • Improve balance, coordination and stability in the movements of the child
    • To improve the child’s awareness of his body parts and also to improve the alignment in different movements and positions
    • Also, to improve the vestibular system of the child

Benefits of Our Spider Cage Therapy

Improved Movements
It helps the child to facilitate the movements while performing the exercises. The other parts of the body will support the child while doing physiotherapy.

Independent Exercise
With the help of the spider cage, the child can balance without the help of therapists. Moreover, the spider cage encourages the child to improve the functions and muscle strength.

As the child learns how to perform the exercises independently without the help of therapists, he builds more confidence and independence to perform his daily life activities.

Dynamic Balancing
The child can experience dynamic activities during the intensive therapy like transitioning his position from quadruped to kneeling or sitting to quadruped, etc. All this can be done with the help of support cords of the cage.

Why Choose Hope AMC?
Our therapy is for six months which is considered to be the minimum time span to show improvement, as per our therapists. The spider cage program includes strengthening and focusing on the functional tasks of the child.

Our certified therapists take personal care on helping your child get to the next level of skill with custom intensive therapy. We know each child is very special and has different requirements. Children need great attention to their specific needs.

Our therapists work closely with your child to design the best custom physiotherapy for him. Hence, no two therapeutic programs of ours are alike and are customised as per each child.

Let the skill development of your child begin today by contacting us to get more information on the spider cage therapy.


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