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Mostafa is a highly specialized pediatric physiotherapist, he earned his Master’s degree in Pediatric Rehabilitation in 2016.

Mostafa got his training on the polish renowned DUNAG 02 dynamic suit Orthosis in the rehabilitation of children with neuromotor disorders. He is one of the first certified Aquatic Therapists in Egypt under the IATF Association in Switzerland. He completed many workshops and training on lower limb biomechanical evaluation and orthotics prescriptions, spinal biomechanics, neuromuscular scoliosis, and bracing evaluation. He is highly specialized in the evaluation and prescription of seating systems after finishing “Wheelchair and Seating mobility training” at the University of Alberta, Canada.

Mostafa is an expert in performing holistic assessments to determine the patient’s needs and goals, including evaluating patients’ medical histories, interviewing patients, and observing patients during activities of daily living according to the ICF. He is highly skilled in developing and implementing treatment plans based on patient goals and needs, in collaboration with healthcare professionals as needed. Performing wheelchair prescription and seating adjustments assessments and providing the patient with the best seating system according to the child needs and daily routine.

Clinical Training/ Certifications include:

  • Neurodevelopmental treatment – NDT (pediatrics)
  • Suit Therapy, “DUNAG 02” dynamic suit orthosis for rehabilitation of children with neuromuscular disorders.
  • The universal Exercise Unit for isolated muscle strength and pulley suspension system.
  • Cuevas Medek exercises Level 1 (CME Level I)
  • Advanced pediatrics aquatic therapy course under the IATF association in Switzerland
  • Kinesio taping for correcting dynamic deformities in the pediatric population.
  • Pre and post-operative rehabilitation.
  • Intensive therapy rehabilitation.
  • Sensory Gym Training
  • Manual therapy for pediatric orthopedic rehab.
  • Early detection and intervention for neuromuscular scoliosis.
  • Complementary approach in pediatric rehabilitation.
  • Managing children with clubfoot.
  • Basic life support.

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