Intensive Therapy Dubai – An Innovative Approach to Neurological Development

Children, who are suffering from neurological disorders like cerebral palsy, the Intensive Therapy (Intensive Model of Therapy) proves to be immensely beneficial for them. The individualized Intensive Therapy Programs in Dubai offered at Hope AMC, are a fine combination of Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Feeding Therapy, and Speech and Language Therapy. It is one of the most recognized treatments for many disorders. The programs are customized according to the specific needs and goals of the children as we believe that every child is unique and so are his/her needs. Therefore, the duration of the therapy, its intensity, and the tools and techniques used in the therapy, vary.

At Hope AMC, our Intensive Therapy Program in Dubai takes 3 weeks and the therapy sessions are offered throughout the year. It is important that the skills the children acquire during the therapy sessions are practiced at home. To enable this, each child is given a specific, individually designed programme designed for their needs, to carry out.

The Intensive Physiotherapy Program in Dubai is more effective with faster and better results than traditional therapies. During the 3-week program, it has been noticed that many children progress to the next level of developmental skills much quicker than expected. These skills could otherwise have taken a year or so to achieve.

The techniques we use during the Intensive Physical Therapy sessions are a combination of approaches. These techniques can be used effectively on children from as young as three months old to any age. Cuevas Medek Exercise or CME® is an integral part of the Intensive Physical Therapy Programs, as it helps in provoking automatic motor responses in children suffering from motor delays and disorders.

The 3-week Intensive Therapy Program is divided into five daily sessions every week. The session can last for 2 to 6 hours per day depending on the age, needs, condition, strengths and weaknesses of the child. A major portion of this time is devoted to preparing the child for the exercises or tasks. This unique and effective method helps in improving the balance, functional skills, improves stamina, and strengthens the muscles so that the child becomes capable of doing the basic body movements like standing, sitting, kneeling, walking, etc., with less assistance and support.


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