Hope AMC School Support Department

Hope has a unique and specialized school support department that ours direct support and therapy services to students in schools and nurseries.
Services of Our School Support Department:

  • Speech & language Therapy
  • Social Skills Group
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Writing Program

Why is Hope AMC School Support Different?
Our school support department is lead by a highly specialized Lead therapist who has experience in Schools in the USA. School based support for us is more than just conducting therapy at school. We focus on the child integration in the class room, social interaction with peers, academic and writing competencies while delivering:

  • Therapy plans, goals and recommendations to the classroom teachers
  • Therapy Goals that could be integrated into Academics and lEPs
  • Periodic School & Parents circulars

During school-based support, therapists will assess the educational impact of a child’s learning, behavioral, social, community, and language functioning.


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