Offering Teletherapy Sessions

“Our teletherapy sessions are designed to give outcomes as effective as a regular therapy. Our approach is well-thought-out and developed in practice.”

The Best Teletherapy Sessions for You

We provide individualized one-on-one care to every child and family with whom we work. Whether you need online occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, physical therapy for kids, our specialized therapists can work with every child and their parents through interactive ways.

We at Hope AMC make sure that your child learns and grows best in his or her own environment, and active parental participation via virtual pediatric teletherapy, which will be hugely beneficial for development and growth. We encourage family members to participate in therapy sessions and learn new ways to make daily activities therapeutic and fun. Our therapists specialize in the individual needs of pediatric patients during their rehabilitation. encouraged to participate

In doing so, we make sure your child must receive healthcare advice and assistance from us no matter where you are. Our offsite therapy specialists are also ready to interact with you via high-definition conference hookup and give our patients the opportunity to more readily contact qualified therapists and seek their advice online.

  • On-demand teletherapy session
  • Customized sessions
  • Convenient scheduling
  • HIPPA-compliant teletherapy solution to ensure privacy

Enhancing Diagnosis Speed with Teletherapy Session

Our specialized therapists can consult you in real-time, which will cut back on the costs for travel or multiple appointments. We have all solutions to provide you with an experience about the high-efficiency of the diagnosis process for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) that include physical, occupational, speech, and cognitive disorders.

Hope AMC has a team of specialized child medical professionals and pediatric therapists in Dubai that has also a reputation for providing accelerated diagnosis services and improved results through the standard individualized health care service model. Our teletherapy sessions for children with physical disabilities and mental challenges can be just as good as a face-to-face mode, with regards to satisfaction for the patient, family, and clinicians.

What You Can Expect

  • Online fast feedback for pediatric medical & therapy needs
  • Advice for the use of tools in a home environment
  • Support and seamless communication experience with Hope AMC therapy specialists

“Our goal is to provide an effective and impactful therapy experience to your child. We tailor-make each session to meet your unique needs!”

Benefits of Teletherapy Sessions for Your Child

Your child will receive therapy without leaving home, more parental participation, and easy access for you while living far away from our therapists and caregivers. When requesting teletherapy sessions for occupational therapy, or speech and language therapy, you can get an appointment without leaving your home.

  • Expanded care coverage for the remote and distant area
  • Better patient satisfaction
  • Seamless communication with child patients and caregivers/families
  • Additional support system

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Best Remote Patient Management Experience at Hope AMC

As you join our pediatric teletherapy sessions, our trained specialists will help you to be familiar with the modalities.

Telehealth Direct Services: We set up direct interactive communication to the patient via HIPPA-compliant video and audio technology. You will require responding to the interventions and following common instructions.

Partial Telehealth Model: We set up in-person teletherapy sessions that will engage technicians while our specialists provide clinical oversight remotely.

Caregiver Consultation: Our therapeutic specialists provide service directly to the family member to help them benefit from our training and consultation. We offer an opportunity to evaluate any concerns.

What Can You Do?

Schedule a digital appointment with our contact persons who can guide you on how to leverage telehealth therapy methods from our pediatric therapy specialists at Hope AMC.

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