An Insight into the Social Skills Dubai Group Therapy for Children

For positive social interactions, communication disorders and disabilities in children we recommend Social Skills Group Therapy.

What are Social Skills Speech Therapy Groups?

Social interaction is very important for children as it contributes to developing their personality and confidence. There are certain skills that are needed for making social and family interactions, maintaining peer relationships and for academic and extracurricular achievements. In order to develop those essential social skills in children, small groups are created, where they can learn and practice the acquired skills and become capable of interacting socially. The Social Skills Dubai therapy sessions are taken by a speech therapist and or an occupational therapist where the children learn how to interact properly with others in the same age group and how to take control of their emotions. They learn all these through various fun group activities.

What makes Social Skills in Dubai so effective?

While designing the Social Skills Group, the individual needs of the children are highly considered. These individually designed and peer-matched groups, allow the children to practice their social communication skills in a supported and comfortable environment so that they can learn faster and better. At Hope AMC, the Social Skills in Dubai focus on specific needs and communication (both verbal and non-verbal) challenges faced by each child to help them overcome those challenges.

The Social Skills Group Therapy program at Hope AMC is primarily based on the framework of Social Thinking® that helps in developing social perception and reasoning and encourages children in taking a standpoint. Focus is given to make the children:

  • Comfortable in various social situations.
  • Understand the social rules.
  • Learn how to behave in certain situations.
  • Learn how to interact properly and bond with the peers.

The following are the benefits that children can get from our Social Skills Group Therapy in Dubai:

  • Children learn how to communicate and interact effectively.
  • It builds their self-esteem and makes them confident.
  • It empowers them with problem-solving skills.
  • Children learn how to manage stress and anxiety.
  • It enables them to read social cues.
  • Children learn to take their individual viewpoints.

Who can get benefited from Social Skills Dubai Group Therapy?

Children, who are having:

  • Speech and language delays,
  • Social communication challenges,
  • Difficulty in learning, social interaction, and making friends,
  • Issues in making eye contact or gaze fixedly,
  • Non-verbal learning disabilities,
  • Difficulty in picking up on social cues (facial expressions, voice tones, body language, etc.),
  • Inability is taking turns with peers during activities,
  • Difficulty in attentively listening to what others say,
  • Lack of imagination,
  • Difficulty in understanding some conversations or instructions,
  • Incapability to judge the consequences of their actions,
  • Difficulty with social skills due to sensory processing. (SPD)
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD),
  • Autism,


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