Trilingual Speech and Language Therapist

Hiba is a senior Speech and Language Therapist with over 12 years of professional experience in various settings, profiles, and age ranges.
She is a graduate of Saint-Joseph University of Beirut, Lebanon (USJ) where she earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Speech and Language Therapy.
Throughout her career, Hiba was able to combine the depth of experience and personal involvement afforded by working in her private practice since 2010 with the breadth and richness of experience afforded by working as a team-member in specialized institutions and inclusive schools. In her private clinic in Lebanon, she succeeded in treating a wide range of cases, providing the appropriate care to her clients in a supportive environment while also raising awareness on the part of parents and caregivers and gaining their trust.
During her professional career, Hiba has gained experience working with children and adolescents with communication disorders (speech, language, and social pragmatic disorders), autism spectrum disorder, fluency disorders (stuttering, cluttering), ADHD, learning disorders, intellectual disabilities, as well as Down syndrome and other neurodevelopmental impairments.
Hiba has constantly developed her skills through continuing professional and personal development, enriching her skill-set with the latest evidence-based knowledge to develop effective assessment and treatment methods.
Being a Hanen certified SLP (It Takes Two To Talk®) since February 2022, she implements evidence-based strategies to help children with language delays communicate and learn language naturally, along with providing support and information on language facilitation to parents of young children.
Hiba is certified in the Lidcombe program for preschool-age children with stuttering, and she has completed several trainings and workshops in stuttering treatment for preschoolers and school-age children. She has also attended an intensive training program in screening, assessing, and treating fluency disorders at ABSF-Association (France).
She has also received specialized trainings in Autism Spectrum disorder, Applied Behavioral Analysis and the PECS method.
Hiba has also attended the Cogi’Act training program, which offers an understanding of the first reasoning skills and the emergence of language in children with difficulties. She completed a training program in Mathematical Learning Disabilities and problem solving. She has a special interest in learning disabilities and has completed an introductory course of instruction in the Orton–Gillingham approach to literacy from REACH OG Learning Centre.

Clinical Trainings / Certifications Include:

  • Theoretical initiation training in EDT (The Exchange and Development Therapy for children with autism)
  • Advanced Applied Behavioral Analysis training course for children with autism
  • PECS, Level 1
  • Introductory course in the Orton–Gillingham approach, REACH OG Learning Centre
  • It Takes Two To Talk®, The Hanen Centre
  • Lidcombe Program for preschool-age children with stuttering
  • Fluency Shaping and Stuttering Modifications Techniques for Individuals with Fluency Disorders
  • Intensive training in stuttering assessment and treatment, ABSF-Association (France).
  • Cluttering in the spectrum of fluency disorders: nature, assessment and therapy
  • Mathematical Learning Disabilities (TAM) and problem solving.


  • Arabic
  • English
  • French

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