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Early Intervention Dubai

Importance of Early Intervention in 1st Year of Life: Hope Abilitation Medical Center

By admin | July 26, 2021

Early intervention is key to preventing and addressing developmental delays. Motor development forms the basis of so many functional skills, the sooner we address the sooner we will succeed. So much is happening in an infant’s brain during

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Language Development

How Effective is Speech & Language Therapy for Language Delay in a Child?

By admin | July 22, 2021

Language delay in children manifests their communication disorders. When it continues, they tend to miss out on achieving developmental milestones that eventually impact their social interactions, behavior, and academic skills.

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autism speech development

Developmental Difficulties in Children that Interfere with School Success – Hope AMC

By admin | July 19, 2021

Developmental difficulties in children are better called neurodevelopmental disorders. Those neurologically based conditions, such as speech and language disorders, intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorder, etc.

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Development Milestones

Developmental Milestones in Children & How Speech and Language Therapy Can Help Them Develop Properly

By admin | July 15, 2021

From the first few days of life, the speech, language, and communication skills of a child start to develop. Children learn to communicate with the adults in their environment before they have developed

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Early Intervention Dubai

Early Intervention Programs Are Crucial For Children With Developmental Delays Or Disabilities – Hope AMC

By admin | July 12, 2021

Early intervention is key to preventing and addressing developmental delays or disabilities in children. It helps keep these children on track to make the most of abilities and skills developed during the

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spider cage therapy

Spider Cage 101 – Hope Abilitation Medical Center

By admin | July 8, 2021

The Universal Exercise Unit (UEU) known as Spider Cage is a 3-sided wire cage with a set of flexible ropes used by pediatric physiotherapists. It is a valuable tool that we utilize at Hope AMC for so many purposes and benefits.

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Pediatric Therapy Clinic

Thoughts of a Mum – Hope Abilitation Medical Center

By admin | July 5, 2021

Today was the push chair/ special stroller/ adaptive seat fitting of my daughter. However, what you want to call it is still a pediatric wheelchair. It is more painful than you can imagine. After all, a wheelchair is a sign of disability.

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Intensive Therapy UAE

Intensive Therapy – Intensive Therapy the What, Why, When and the How? – Hope AMC

By admin | July 1, 2021

Intensive therapy differs tremendously from long term pediatric therapy in many aspects. It is not just a more intense form of therapy (daily and for longer hours).
It differs completely

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Physiotherapy for Children

How Do I Know the Right Physiotherapy Approach for my Child?

By admin | June 28, 2021

The answer is simple you do not need to
A correctly setup pediatric medical center or a pediatric therapy center needs to have the various approaches f all pediatric physiotherapy

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Occupational Therapy Dubai

Declutter the chaos- Tips for parents. – Hope AMC

By admin | June 22, 2021

I must admit that I recoiled a little when I typed out that title. When it comes to parenting, I feel that every parent is perfect and does the best to get the best for their own children. And each child being so

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Occupational Therapy Dubai

MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY – Hope Abilitation Medical Center

By admin | June 21, 2021

Muscular dystrophy is a disorder of the musculoskeletal system that is characterized by progressive weakness and atrophy of varying severity of various muscle groups. This disorder has many

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Occupational Therapy Dubai

W- Sitting in Children – Hope Abilitation Medical Center

By admin | June 20, 2021

If your child continues W-sitting and is struggling to maintain any other position, it may be beneficial to have your child evaluated by an pediatric occupational therapy specialist to make sure w-sitting

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Hydrotherapy Dubai

5 Ways Hydrotherapy can Improve Debilitating Disorders in Children

By admin | June 15, 2021

Living with cerebral palsy is challenging. This is a debilitating disorder that affects mobility. However, this state of the disorder can be improved, motion can be maintained and pain can be decreased by

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Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis

Tips for Helping Children to Cope with Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis Braces – Hope AMC

By admin | June 7, 2021

There are many health conditions that require the use of orthosis. Those can be foot pronation, foot supination, leg and foot spasticity, hip dysplasia, foot and ankle malalignment, severe metatarsus

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Stuttering Therapy

3 Effective Stuttering Therapy Activities for Children That Speech Therapists at Hope AMC Recommend

By admin | May 31, 2021

Many often a child hears like “oh, you speak so slowly” or “maybe, you are habitual nervous.” These are heard so often, so frequently that they become so cliche! Parents and family members of a child

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Sarcoma Bone Cancer Dubai

What Causes a Lump on a Child’s Shin Bone & What is the Treatment? Hope AMC

By admin | May 19, 2021

Lump on the shin can be benign or harmless and may be caused by underlying skin conditions, such as warts, cysts, or abscesses. An injury from trauma or abnormal cell growth can also be a cause

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Sensory Integration Dubai

How Does Pediatric Occupational Therapy Help A Child Develop Physically & Psychologically?

By admin | May 26, 2021

The early years of a child are full of new stimulations and novel experiences that drive the cognitive, social, and physical growth of the child. The first three years of the child are a critical time for brain

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Hope AMC Pediatric Therapy Center Dubai

The Best Pediatric Therapy Center in Dubai That Helps Children Reach Their Maximum Potential

By admin | May 11, 2021

Like other parents, you may also want your kids to do well in school, right? It’s quite natural, but sometimes something appears missing in a child, such as the ability to move properly, speak properly, eating

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CME Therapy Dubai

How to Decide on Cuevas Medek Exercises Physical Therapy as the Right Therapy for Your Child?

By admin | April 29, 2021

Are you noticing your child is experiencing a delayed motor development? Are you seeing your child is unable to push up on tummy, sitting control, or transition to sitting, roll, crawl, stand, walk, etc.?

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Child Physiotherapy Dubai

Best Pediatric Physiotherapy Facility in Dubai? Choose the One That has Expertise in Using the Right Therapy Techniques

By admin | April 27, 2021

Physiotherapy is for people of all ages. Physiotherapy for infants, for children, for adolescents, and so on – there are so many specialized physiotherapy fields called pediatric physiotherapy.

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