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Child Medical Center Dubai

How To Decide Which Medical Professionals to See For Your Kids’ Medical Conditions

By admin | January 21, 2021

Parents often struggle to decide which medical professionals they need to see for their kids’ medical conditions or individual challenges relating to their physical, occupational, speech,

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Physical Therapy for Kids

How Could Physical Therapy Be the Right Solution for Your Child’s Asymmetrical Conditions?

By admin | January 19, 2021

Are you noticing your child is developing a flat head? Is your child preferring to look to one side only? Isn’t your child crawling and walking properly? Or while walking, are the feet pointing inwards or is a bit clumsy

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child physiotherapy Dubai

How Tummy Time Can Help Your Baby Grow Stronger? Hope Abilitation Medical Center

By admin | January 18, 2021

Daily practice of tummy time helps little ones develop strong neck, core, arm, and leg muscles. And none of us can deny the importance of getting them stronger. Tummy time can do it for your baby.

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Pediatric Neurology Center

What Are the Common Causes and Signs of the Neurological Disorders in Children?

By admin | December 29, 2020

It is quite disheartening for the parents to realize that their children need special help, something which they might never have anticipated. But certain things are beyond human control and at some point in time,

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Physical Therapy Dubai

A Guide to Detect the Signs That Suggest Your Child Needs Physical Therapy in Dubai

By admin | December 24, 2020

It is very important for the parents to know what the needs of their children are. It is necessary to identify the disabilities or the physical challenges the children are facing and then only it

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pediatric neurologist

A Checklist to Determine Your Child Is Developing Age-Appropriately and Needful Interventions

By admin | December 26, 2020

Early Intervention program is beneficial for babies born prematurely or who have spent time in the NICU (Neonatal intensive Care Unit ) also referred as High-Risk Infants. Early intervention programs

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Intensive Therapy UAE

Intensive Therapy for Autism in Dubai – Resulting in Overall Skill Development in Children

By admin | November 25, 2020

Many children suffer from neurological disorders and developmental delays, which may result in their lifelong dependency on others even for the basic everyday tasks. Unfortunately,

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picky Eaters Dubai

Picky Eaters in Dubai – How to Help Children Amend Their Fussy Eating Habits?

By admin | November 18, 2020

The problem of picky eating is quite common in young children and this may arise due to various reasons. Some children naturally have high sensitivity to certain food tastes, smells, and textures, whereas,

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Feeding Therapy in Dubai

Pediatric Feeding Therapy in Dubai – Helping Children Overcome Feeding Disorders

By admin | October 27, 2020

Proper consumption of foods and drinks is very important for children for their growth and development. But, in many cases, it is seen that children face difficulties in chewing and swallowing foods and drinks,

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Intensive Therapy in the UAE

An Overview of the Intensive Physiotherapy Program in Dubai – Hope AMC

By admin | October 26, 2020

There can be different types of developmental disorders that are found in special needs children – physiological, behavioral, and neurological. One such commonly found developmental disorder is

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Paediatric Clinic

Children’s Paediatric Clinic of Hope AMC – Offering Advanced Medical Services, Treatment, and Care

By admin | September 24, 2020

Children’s health is always a serious matter of concern for the parents. Even the slightest bit of health disorder faced by children can prove to be a major health issue in the long-run

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Speech Therapy in Dubai

Speech and Language Therapy in Dubai – Embodying Result-Oriented Approaches

By admin | September 14, 2020

Communication abilities are essential for living a normal and happy life. It is a basic ability that children learn gradually from their family and surroundings as they grow up.

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Feeding Therapy in Dubai

Dysphagia, Picky Eating, Sensory or Motor Deficiency – Feeding Therapy in Dubai Can Help Your Child

By admin | August 24, 2020

The human body gets all the essential nutrients from the food that is consumed. And during the growing years, the food intake of the children should be properly supervised

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paediatric doctors in Dubai

An Overview of the Medical Conditions That Are Treated by Paediatric Doctors in Dubai

By admin | August 14, 2020

A paediatric doctor, also referred to as a paediatrician or paediatrist, is a medical professional, who diagnoses, treats, and manages various medical issues of infants, children, and adolescents.

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paediatric doctors in Dubai

Visit Hope Abilitation Medical Center to Consult with the Top Paediatric Doctors in Dubai

By admin | August 5, 2020

There are some common health problems that children suffer from, whereas, there are some, which may not be common but can be very serious. Understanding the problem that a child is suffering from can

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Speech and Language Therapy Dubai

How Can Speech and Language Therapy Be a Life-Changing Approach for Your Child?

By admin | July 17, 2020

Children with neurological and developmental disorders can be benefited from various therapies offered in the well-known paediatric rehabilitation centre in Dubai, Hope AMC.

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Hope AMC: Comprehensive paediatric care under one roof

By admin | July 7, 2020

How this first-of-its-kind center works for the development and well-being of children. Read full article from here –

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Dynamic Suit Therapy by DUNAG SUIT

By admin | July 6, 2020

It is simply a vest and a short with a number of strings and a range of accessories. The way we apply the strings and the accessories help with many purposes.
Suit therapy is a Physical therapeutic tool that fosters independence.

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balance exercise

How to stimulate balance exercises for my child at home

By admin | March 20, 2020

When a child has a motor delay, there is often a decrease in balance¹. Some children need to improve their balance reactions while sitting, others to crawl or to walk and cross some obstacles. Some children already manage to perform all these movements, but jumping is still a challenging activity.

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How to improve the core muscles of a child: 3 levels of exercises to do at home.

By admin | March 13, 2020

Core Stability Training (CST) is a strength training initially in sports and then gradually applied to rehabilitation medicine. It refers to the ability to control the muscle tissue around the lumbar pelvic cavity in order to stabilize the spine and transfer power from the trunk to the limbs. It has been confirmed that CST has a positive influence on dynamic sitting and standing balance, trunk control, and gait.

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