Feeding Therapy

Why Do Children Refuse to Eat- Reasons Decoded – Hope Abilitation Medical Center – Dubai

By admin | September 25, 2023

It can be quite frustrating and dissatisfying for every parent to see their children simply refuse to eat after they spend long hours reparing, cooking and serving a meal.
Nutrition plays an important role in the

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Physical Therapy in Dubai

Combined Speech & Language Therapy and Physical Therapy for Children with Neurological Conditions

By admin | September 22, 2023

Neurological disorders (also known as neurological diseases or conditions) affect the brain, nervous system or spinal cord. There are 1,000+ neurological diseases that include: Alzheimer’s disease, Cerebral palsy

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picky eater

5 Wonderful Ways to Deal with A Child Who Is Picky Eater- Importance of Feeding Therapy for Toddlers

By admin | September 15, 2023

Is my child getting enough nutrients through their everyday meal? Is the food he/she is eating enough for their growth and health? These worries not only make parents force their children

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physical therapy dubai

Does My Toddler Need Physical Therapy? Find Answer Here – Hope AMC

By admin | August 9, 2023

“My toddler is not crawling or sitting like others, what should I do?”- this is a very common question our physical therapists get from parents. Crawling, sitting, walking, running, jumping- all are

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swallowing therapy

A 6-Minute Guide on What to Do If You See Your Child Has Swallowing Difficulties

By admin | August 8, 2023

In the middle of the mealtime and you see your child coughing constantly or choking before or after swallowing. This can happen once but when you see this is happening regularly or frequently,

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best pediatric occupational therapy

How To Know Your Child Needs Occupational Therapy- See What Experts Say

By admin | August 7, 2023

Hello parents! How is your little kid doing? Do you see, your kid is having difficulties with day-to-day activities at home, school, or in the community? Is your child experiencing

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ABA Therapy

How to Handle Your Child’s Tantrum Like A Pro: Here’s A Guide from Our Experts

By admin | August 4, 2023

“I want it”, ” I won’t do it”, “I won’t eat that” and “No, I will not do homework”- are these the repeat phrases your child is making every day? Or, worse, you see your child never listens to you and

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Occupational therapy

4 Importance Q and A About Occupational Therapy That Parents Must Know

By admin | August 3, 2023

Kids- every parent imagines them running around, talking endless things, doing both mischievous and health-melt activities, then going to school, doing their small to-small daily stuff and growing with time

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feeding therapy

Learn the Impact of Feeding Therapy on This Problem -Hope Abilitation Medical Center – Dubai

By admin | August 2, 2023

Some developmental delays become noticeable when children reach a certain age while others can be identified in infants. Tongue tie is one of the conditions that can be commonly noticed in infants

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speech therapy dubai

The Road to Early Intervention to Treat Speech Disorders in Children – Hope-AMC

By admin | August 1, 2023

Hello parents! How are your little kids? Do you see your kid is having a little trouble with speech? The majority of children learn to form words and then sentences once they start to grow up

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aba therapy dubai

Understanding the Challenging Behaviours in Children with Down Syndrome- A Guide for Parents

By admin | July 31, 2023

Raising children with Down syndrome can be a little challenging. But, with a little bit more patience, understanding, support and love, you can be a parent your children can rely on.

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Physical Therapy in Dubai

Hypotonia (Low Muscle Tone): Definition, Challenges, and How Physical Therapy Helps It

By admin | July 28, 2023

Being parents is the best feeling in the world. It feels amazing when your child falls asleep quickly or clings to you, right? Your kid can move more easily when they feel lighter.

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best speech therapy clinic in dubai

Successful Approaches To Treat Stuttering Among Preschool Kids – Hope-AMC

By admin | July 27, 2023

Stuttering is a very common situation that affects many children from early childhood. This is a kind of speech disorder that is like the repetition of sounds, syllables or words. This is also like

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aba for children

Social Stories in ABA Therapy- A Great Way to Enhancing Appropriate Behavior in Children with Autism

By admin | July 24, 2023

Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD- is a known term to many parents who have children with this condition. Dealing with a child having this condition is no easy job. However, with early intervention,

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Occupational therapy

Importance of Crawling- Discover How Occupational or Physical Therapy Can Help

By admin | July 21, 2023

How cute it is watching your baby crawl and come to your lap and you hug him/her with love! However, for some children, the scenario can be a little different.
Children may experience difficulty with

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Speech therapy

How to Use Books in Speech Therapy for Your Child at Home? – Hope AMC – Dubai

By admin | July 14, 2023

Books! Books are colorful, elaborate, and filled with stories, pictures, alphabets, words, and much more. There are countless books available for babies, kids and even growing children. Despite the growing

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Feeding therapy

Uncovering 5 Picky Eating Patterns: Change Food Game and Help Your Kid Enjoy Every Meal

By admin | July 10, 2023

“No, no and no”- do you often hear that from your kids whenever you serve them food? This is a common scenario in many households. Or, you may see your kids only demand pizza, chips or only

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Intensive therapy

5 Squat Exercises in Intensive Therapy to Encourage Baby and Toddler

By admin | June 26, 2023

Squats are beneficial for toddlers and children undergoing intensive therapy. These exercises typically focus on the lower body and offer a wide range of physical and developmental

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speech language therapy

Pizza Toy Set in Speech Therapy: Will It Help Or Not?-Hope Abilitation Medical Center – Dubai

By admin | June 30, 2023

As parents, we all strive to give our children the best opportunities for success, and one crucial area we focus on is speech development. For every child, speech and language

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occupational therapy

Blowing Bubbles: Encourage Your Child’s Speech and Language Development Through Play

By admin | May 22, 2023

Blowing bubbles is not just a fun activity. It can also be used as an effective tool to encourage your child’s speech and language development. Surprised? Let’s find out more!!

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