Registered Behavior Technician

Fia is a Registered Psychometrician in the Philippines.

In 2017, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with Honors. Throughout the past five years, she has been exposed to various work settings which attests to her experience, expertise, and excellence. Fia worked in the ABA field for many years. She had the privileged of working with people of determination from different age groups as early as 5 years to 14 years old. She focused on compliance, basic life skills, communication, academic and vocational programs, through Applied Behavioral Analysis approach.

Fia joined Hope AMC and she expressed her willingness to receive intensive training, continuous supervision, and working on different aspects of Analytic Behavior to add to her skills and knowledge so she will be competent enough to give inputs in providing enjoyable and meaningful learning experiences so that every child makes as much progress as possible.

Fia genuinely believes that every child is special and she aspires to be the catalyst in helping them utilize their full potential and skills to make their lives fulfilling and better.

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