Registered Behavior Technician

Nate is a licensed professional teacher in the Philippines. He started teaching individuals with development delays since 2015. He practices teaching using ABA principles from early intervention class, academic and adults having skills deficit such as communication, social, academic, basic life skills and vocational.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education, specialized in Mathematics from Far Eastern University and obtained his licensed in teaching in September, 2013. From then, he has been teaching in an academic class.

Nate started his career in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis as an assistant in one of the centers in Dubai. He was first exposed with a group of students (pre academic class) with diverse special needs. He is an experienced practitioner following the ACE curriculum. He received intensive training such as CALM training, makaton, PECS, and behavior management.

As a team player, Nate enjoyed planning the instructional needs with his team. He is committed to developing a love for learning for individuals with special needs.

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