Registered Behavior Technician

Tomas is a Registered Behavior Technician(BACB),International Behavior Technician(IBAO), Registered Nurse(PRC) and currently studying to become a Qualified Autism Services Practitioner Supervisor (QABA).He graduated with his Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Our lady of Fatima University Philippines along with passing the Licensure Examination. He developed an interest in Applied Behavior Analysis during his professional working career and eventually finished his Behavior Analysis coursework and passed all the examination.

Tomas worked in the ABA field in the United Arab Emirates for more than 8 years and continue changing lives every day. He had the privilege of working with People of Determination from different age group the likes of as early 2 years to 35 years old in different setting such as Home, School, Centre, Recreational area, and Rehabilitation company. He focused on improving his skills and knowledge by attending training, reading research of neurodevelopmental discoveries, continuous Behavior Analyst supervision, and working on different aspects of Analytic Behavior.

Tomas genuinely believes in the needs to fully understand his client underlying medical condition to be able to help them properly and strongly advocate the involvement of client support system(Family members, Caregiver ,Teacher ,LSA) to be part of the intervention to be able to reach their full learning potential. Tomas also believes that we never ever lose HOPE to our child, and no one will believe them but US.

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