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Providing Remote Healthcare Services 

“Healthcare envisaged a transformation since Covid times especially and now telehealth sets out to become mainstream like never before!”

Telehealth – where technology meets healthcare

Telehealth refers to “virtual visits” that take place between patients and clinicians using communication technology. 

Hope AMC telehealth sessions cover both children’s overall health and therapy sessions are done through two-way video conferencing. This is a great option when physical distancing is a norm to keep your child inching toward their goals. 

We allow for virtual visits or videoconferencing between our pediatric medical/therapy specialists and patients at home. In doing so, we ensure everyone receives healthcare advice and assistance from us no matter where the patient is. Our offsite therapy specialists are ready to interact with them via high-definition conference hookup and give patients the opportunity to more readily find qualified opinions online.

  • On-demand virtual healthcare session 
  • Tailor-made sessions
  • Flexible timing slot
  • HIPPA-compliant video conferencing systems to ensure privacy

Improving Diagnosis Speed with Telehealth

Our child medical & therapy specialists can meet in real-time with the family to access the child, thereby reducing the need and costs for travel or multiple appointments. You can also experience an improvement in the efficiency of the diagnosis process for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) including physical, occupational, speech, and cognitive disorders.

Hope AMC constitutes a team of the best pediatric medical professionals and pediatric therapists in Dubai that has also a reputation for accelerating the diagnosis process and improving outcomes through the healthcare service model. Our telehealth healthcare for children with physical disabilities and mental challenges can be just as good as face-to-face methods in terms of satisfaction for the patient, family, and clinician alike.

What You Can Expect

  • Real-time and quick response for pediatric medical & therapy needs
  • Recommendations for use of tools in home settings
  • Supportive, meaningful, and engaging communication with Hope AMC therapy specialists

“We aim for providing meaningful and supportive medical& therapy experience to our children and patients, therefore, often tailor-make our telehealth sessions to meet their needs!”

Benefits of Telehealth for Children Hope AMC

We understand families and caregivers are often skeptical about the telehealth healthcare method. Once you will learn and experience our modalities, your entire concept will change. In a video conference session, families and caregivers can also join actively and discuss issues, questions, concerns, and progress that they often skirt in a clinic setting only. 

  • Expanded service area, i.e. enables to extend medical services to the remotest areas
  • Improved patient outcomes and satisfaction
  • Seamless communication with child patients and caregivers/families
  • Increased support system

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Best Remote Patient Management Experience at Hope AMC

Before starting our telehealth pediatric therapy sessions, our trained specialists decide on which telehealth modality will be appropriate for our child patient and the family or caregiver. The modalities for therapies are outlined.

Telehealth Direct Services: We set up a direct interactive communication to the patient via HIPPA-compliant video and audio technology. The prerequisite skills to respond to the interventions are basic joint attention, basic discrimination skills, and the ability to follow common instructions.

Partial Telehealth Model: We set up in-person sessions involving technicians while our specialists provide clinical oversight remotely.

Caregiver Consultation: Our therapeutic specialists provide service directly to the family member to help them benefit from our training and consultation and also offer an opportunity to evaluate any concerns directly related to ASD.

What Can You Do?

Schedule a digital appointment with our contact persons who can guide you on how to leverage telehealth therapy methods from our pediatric therapy specialists at Hope AMC. 

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