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Amal Tolba

Amal Tolba

Hi, my name is Amal, I am a graduate of the American University in Cairo, Major in Computer Science, Minor in Electronics with the highest honours. I have always been a career-oriented person because I have passion with regard to everything I do. I have always been in community service as well; my area of special interest was special needs children. I loved spending time with them. Never knew that I will become a parent of a special needs child myself. Now, I am a mum of 3 beautiful children. My youngest child was stillborn due to medical malpractice and as a result, she has CP. But CP doesn’t have her.

Because I believe that together we stand and divided we fall. I started reaching out to all special needs parents in the UAE and formed a small support network. It grew fast, now we are more than 200 mums in a group called “Beautiful mums” this group gets bigger every day. We give each other guidance support and comfort.

I travelled all around the world for the first 3 years of my daughter’s life to try to find Hope. I came across amazing therapies that are not Known to this part of the world and that tremendously helped my daughter. This is why I started Hope. I feel I owe this not only to my child but to all the fellow mums who are now my dear friends and children that are with us on the journey.

I felt that this knowledge should be shared with others in a similar position. After seeing my child respond to these therapies, I knew I could help other mums and their children see results. We need to find our tribe and love them hard.