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Charl Stenger is a South African orthotist and prosthetist that like so many of his dual qualified colleagues, could not decide which of the two disciplines he enjoyed most. Still battling this conundrum, he is passionate about all aspects from foot biomechanics to cranial correction, from lower to upper limb prosthetics, and everything else in between a clinical setting might present.

He has been working in both government and private health care in the Middle East for the last fifteen years and had the fortunate to commission two full scope orthotic prosthetic facilities. While managing these responsibilities he has travelled throughout the GCC providing consultation and private Orthotic & Prosthetic services and never missed an opportunity to travel and collaborate internationally.

Charl has a keen interest in active rehabilitation and is drawn to a true holistic approach that often epitomizes orthotic prosthetic care. Charl is running the orthotics and prosthetics clinic at HOPE. He looks forward to being part of the dynamic rehabilitation team and help them develop comprehensive orthotic prosthetic services.

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