3 Signs Your Child Needs Occupational Therapy as Early Intervention

Occupational Therapy for Children

Playing is the occupation of a child. It helps them explore the world around them, learn to interact with it, and develop essential life skills that will help them connect with others, and do things independently one day. However, this doesn’t happen with every child. 

There are many children who have trouble mastering the skills that will allow them to investigate and navigate their environment on their own. Those children often tend to experience issues with fine or gross motor skills, sensory processing, visual-perceptual skills, and other abilities. For them, pediatric occupational therapy can make a big difference. 

How does Occupational Therapy Help Children With Special Needs?

With pediatric occupational therapy, children with special needs can become independent in multiple areas of life. Occupational therapists can help a child improve their skills that occupy their days, such as eating and getting dressed. The developmental delays in children can impede them to become socially and emotionally appropriate, which occupational therapists can improve in them. 

See here 3 signs that your kid might benefit from pediatric occupational therapy. 

Sign #1: Difficulty in Achieving Age-appropriate Developmental Milestones

Pediatric occupational therapy can help children who demonstrate developmental delayed conditions. Take the example of a one-year child not being able to crawl yet or a two-year child not being able to walk steadily. All these two instances are developmental issues, which pediatric occupational therapists can take care of. 

At Hope AMC, pediatric occupational therapists are specialized in using advanced therapeutic techniques and tools to address your child’s specific needs as they develop and grow and ensure that your child can achieve the age-appropriate milestones and gain maximum independence while and after conducting the OT activities.

Sign #2: Issues With Fine Motor Skills

Some children lack strength, control, and dexterity of the small hand muscles. Those who have trouble with fine motor skills can face difficulty with tasks like using scissors, drawing, stringing beads, and using utensils, etc. You need to consult with a pediatric occupational therapist to address such fine motor skills. Early intervention is essential to ensure your child can get through a hard time performing essential activities like writing and using computers at school. 

Consult OT specialists at Hope AMC who can offer individualized occupational therapy plans so your child can reach vital behavioral skills. 

Sign #3: Sensory Processing Problems

There are children who have sensory processing disorders. It is evident when a child overreacts to touch, taste, sounds, or smells. This is a common sign that a child could have sensory processing issues. That child can benefit from the pediatric occupational therapy program.  

At Hope AMC Dubai, our pediatric occupational therapy programs can help children with a range of conditions, including lacking social skills like limited peer interaction, decreased play skills, etc., inability to perform the daily self-care tasks independently, having difficulty in sleeping, or having difficulty in accepting changes in the daily routine or environment, besides many others. 

For all these problems, contact us and let us help your child. 

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