A Checklist to Determine Your Child Is Developing Age-Appropriately and Needful Interventions

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Early Intervention program is beneficial for babies born prematurely or who have spent time in the NICU (Neonatal intensive Care Unit ) also referred as High-Risk Infants. Early intervention programs aim at optimizing the child’s development, help the child heal and develop more successfully.

Developmental Delays are one of the first signs, but Just because your child has developmental Delay doesn’t mean he/she has Cerebral palsy. However, we encourage early evaluation by a pediatric neurologist and a specialized pediatric therapist and not wait until the symptoms get worse. Although the brain damage caused by CP or any Neurodevelopmental disorder may not worsen but it will hamper child’s development and child may develop secondary complications.

Timing is Very Important

We encourage early intervention programs as soon as possible because an Infant’s brain is undergoing key period of growth and development and more, they are exposed and interact with the environment around , the more connections (neural) form in the brain . Early intervention programs take advantage of babies’ young brains eagerness to engage and learn as well as adapt.


every case is different and unique and management must be unique according to the child’s needs and level of delay.

Children with severe and obvious disabilities may require a combination of management such as :

1. Physical therapy:

2. Orthosis

3. occupational therapy

4. speech therapy

Although we know Early intervention will not treat the disorder, but it will significantly help to improve motor functions and delay secondary complications.

We recommend you to not wait till symptoms become problematic, see a therapist to augment neuroplasticity and maximize function.

Please refer to our checklist to confirm if your child is developing age appropriately

Month and age wise checklist :

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