Dynamic Suit Therapy by DUNAG SUIT


It is simply a vest and a short with a number of strings and a range of accessories. The way we apply the strings and the accessories help with many purposes:

The brain’s outcome is based on what it gets from the sensory system. So, for the brain and muscles to result in efficient movement; they need to be provided with the right information. We use the DUNAG SUIT to correct the body alignment to offer the right sensory input especially the body position and joint sense.

2. Dynamicity:
The does not only offer correction in static steady positions, but it also allows training in various dynamic situations like Gait/walking training, floor transitions or crawling on four.

3. Assistance and resistance:
It is a great tool to assist the child/adolescent to achieve a function like independent sitting or walking. In addition, it can also be used for resistance and endurance training.

4. Core stability:
Efficient movement of the limbs needs a stable trunk. Thus, the Suit provides the child/adolescent with a stable base to engage in activities efficiently.

Suit therapy is a Physical therapeutic tool that fosters independence. Therapy programs are individually designed to meet each child/adolescent physical challenges.

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