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Holland is Beautiful ?

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Holland is Beautiful ?
If I knew What I know now, four years ago, Maybe I would have accepted the whole special needs situation faster? For sure yes. I want to go back exactly 4 years ago and tell my depressed self, the one who couldn’t get out of bed, the one who wanted to just die, the one who believed she cannot laugh again or be happy again, the one who thought she cannot watch a movie or eat a meal and enjoy. This lower than low self. This self that wanted to give up on life and functioned on zombie mode. The one who wanted the day to be over just to put her head on the pillow to cry herself to sleep.

If I can go back and tell that self, there will be happiness again, laughter again the will to give and live, I would.

I cannot go back to save me, but I can definitely save you. Let me tell you mums who just got their diagnosis or still struggling to accept one. I feel you and it’s not easy and might not be easy, but who wants easy? Easy can never be great right?

You were told you are going to Italy and your heart is set on Italy, you are prepared for Italy, but then the plane landed in Holland. What a heartbreak. But Holland is beautiful. You cannot see the beauty if you have your eyes closed all the time. You need to open your eyes and accept that you landed in Holland to be able to see beauty.

Acceptance is hard, but it’s a key to a happy life again, accept the diagnosis, the challenges and do not fight it this is when you will float. When you float you soar and this is beautiful.

Let me tell you today, I love this life I will not switch it for the world. Yes I still grieve sometimes, but who doesn’t? I found peace again. I found comfort in my tribe and loved the challenges along this journey.

Today I say with all my heart I love Holland, Italy is beautiful, but I don’t long to go there anymore. So let me hold your hand and show you around Holland ?

Please feel free to message me to add you to our special needs support group with all the lovely ladies in it.

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