How Can Intensive Physical Therapy Help Your Child?

intensive physical therapy programs

Children gain physical mobility and independence through physical therapy. As a child develops these skills, he or she gains an increased sense of independence, which contributes to a higher sense of self-esteem. In addition to providing a safer means of development and strengthening for children, physical therapy can also play an important preventative role.

Young athletes can also benefit from physical therapy by dealing with muscle imbalances or weakness and returning to play after an injury. There are many types of treatment methods utilized, including developmental activities, therapeutic exercise, balance and coordination exercises, mobility training, safety and prevention programs, and activities to improve overall wellness.

Benefits of Intensive Physical Therapy for Children

Physical therapy for children has a lot of benefits. So, what are the main ones? The following is a list of the essentials of our services, the benefits it provides, and the experience your child will have.

Those who undergo intensive physical therapy rehabilitation after an injury will be in much better shape long-term and will be able to resume their normal activities sooner. Rehabilitation after an injury is very important, and those who undergo physical therapy will be in much better shape in the long run. Oftentimes, rehabilitative intensive physical therapy services are crucial for individuals who have undergone surgery or suffered an injury to regain their level of activity. Physical therapy, therefore, should be taken very seriously.

How Can Intensive Physical Therapy Help Your Child?

The pediatric physical therapists at Hope AMC Medical Center in Dubai work closely with you to determine your child’s goals. Some of the most common goals for children are as follows:

Intensive physical therapy programs at Hope AMC can help in sensory processing disorder. Especially for young children learning about the world and trying to enjoy a healthy and fulfilling childhood, sensory processing disorders (previously sensory integration dysfunction) can make adjusting to life more difficult. Children of all ages and abilities can benefit from intensive physical therapy with our pediatric specialists who have a wide range of sensory integration techniques at their disposal.

Children who cannot understand stimuli suffer from sensory discrimination disorder. When walking, they may find it difficult to figure out which way to turn, or they might not realize how hard it is to hold an object without breaking it. 

Do Children with Sensory Processing Disorders Benefit from Intensive Physical Therapy? 

Are you wondering if Hope AMC Dubai’s intensive physical therapy program can help my child with a sensory processing disorder? You can rest assured that it can! 

Pediatric intensive physical therapy sessions vary in length based on the condition. In this period, therapists can provide children with a variety of sensory experiences. All intensive programs incorporate sensory techniques throughout their duration.

Patients with sensory processing disorders will also benefit from the private rooms at Hope AMC. A child’s individual room allows us to control the environment if they require less visual and auditory stimulation. 

Brightly painted treatment rooms provide visual and auditory stimulation, such as light-up toys that sing, talk, or make sounds when activated, pattern-covered lights above treatment tables, and picture books on shelves. We also have brightly colored uniforms for our therapists. 

Aids and therapists can remove stimuli and darken treatment rooms when visual input needs to be reduced.

Hope AMC is Here to Help Your Family Through Intensive Physical Therapy for Your Child!

As part of Hope AMC’s Intensive Therapy Program in Dubai, the therapy sessions take place year-round, taking 3 weeks to complete. Children should practice the skills they learn during therapy sessions at home. This is accomplished by giving each child an individual, tailored program that is designed specifically for their needs.

Traditional therapies are less effective than the intensive physiotherapy program in Dubai. Many children have progressed to the next level of development skills more quickly than expected during the 3-week program. It would normally take about a year for them to achieve these skills.

We use a combination of techniques during Intensive Physical Therapy sessions. As young as three months old, these techniques can be used effectively on children of any age. The CME® program is part of the Intensive Physical Therapy Programs and is designed to help children with motor delays and disorders achieve automatic motor responses.

Five daily sessions are part of the intensive therapy program. Depending on the child’s age, needs, condition, strengths, and weaknesses, sessions may last from 2 to 6 hours per day. During this time, the child is primarily prepared for the exercises and tasks. As a result of this unique and effective method, the child becomes capable of standing, sitting, kneeling, walking, and other basic body movements with less assistance and support.

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