How Much Intensive Speech Therapy Effective for Children- Hope AMC Reveals the Facts

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At the initial stage of development, children continue to grow. In early childhood, communication abilities are still developing when Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD is mostly identified among children. It affects children to a varying degree as children face difficulty establishing communication and connections with others. They may be unable to communicate at all or have limited speaking ability, while other children of the same age may be able to speak in great depth with others about several topics.

ASD is the main reason that prohibits children from learning language skills and understanding what others are saying to them. They also struggle to understand and react with nonverbal communication, such as hand movements, eye contact, and facial emotions.

Speech-language therapy is the medical boon that can help children with an autism spectrum disorder to improve their spoken language, enhance nonverbal skills, or learn to communicate in new ways.

What Can Cause ASD in Children?

This is a frequently asked question. Researchers are still trying to figure out the reasons behind autism. They however have a better understanding of some of the elements that may have a significant role such as-

  • Increased age of the parents- Children who are born from older parents are more likely to become autistic.
  • Prenatal risk- If the mother somehow faces exposure to environmental pollutants and heavy metal exposure during pregnancy that could be a reason.
  • Family pedigree- ADS is more likely to happen to children who are having a family history of this.
  • Genetic mutation- A genetic mutation can be the cause of ASD

What is Prompt Speech Therapy?

Prompt speech therapy is a tactile-kinesthetic method of speech treatment in which the speech-language therapist employs touch signals on the child’s face (vocal folds, jaw, lips, tongue) to support and mould proper articulator movement. The prompt speech therapy in Dubai is applied in the leading children rehabilitation center Hope Abilitation Medical Center by Prompt-trained and experienced therapists.

The therapists who perform Intensive speech therapy for children can assist children with ASD in increasing social acceptance by helping them learn to speak and communicate and also changing social communication and behaviours. They ensure better care as they cooperate with other professionals or the patient’s loved ones at Hope AMC, to build and implement individualised treatment plans.

How to Overcome Speech and Language Issues?

Autistic children who are suffering from speech and language problems, intensive speech therapy for Children can be a savior for them in a variety of ways. The parents can consult a speech-language therapist who can assist and evaluate if a kid has a social communication impairment and which therapy is appropriate for them.

How Can Prompt Speech Therapy Help?

With the therapeutic solution, the children start to-

  • Understand and match pictures to their descriptions.
  • Developing muscular movement of mouth and jaw strengthens
  • Improve articulation and clarity of speech
  • Learn alphabets, and use those in writing, to control the voice tone
  • Improve knowledge to read facial expressions and body language of others
  • Improve social interaction at home, school, and in the community.
  • Improve self-sufficiency and self-advocacy

Wrap Up

If your child is in the same condition, then they need prompt treatment and care. You can have professional aid for an accurate diagnosis. Fix a schedule of consultation with the therapists. Contact the expert therapists at Hope AMC. We will provide the best possible prompt speech therapy to your child with autism and help them learn to speak.

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