Intensive Therapy for Autism in Dubai – Resulting in Overall Skill Development in Children

Intensive Therapy UAE

Many children suffer from neurological disorders and developmental delays, which may result in their lifelong dependency on others even for the basic everyday tasks. Unfortunately, conditions like Autism and Cerebral Palsy are not curable but are treatable and there are certain therapies that prove to be highly effective in bringing some improvements to these conditions. Such therapy is Pediatric Intensive Therapy or Intensive Model of Therapy, which is an amalgamation of different other therapies namely, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, and Feeding Therapy. 

The unison of all these effective therapies makes Intensive Therapy in the UAE a result-oriented therapeutic approach. This therapy proves to be very beneficial for children, who are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder or other neurological conditions. If administered in the right way, this therapy can provide desirable outcomes. 

What are the Important Aspects of this Therapeutic Approach?

Intensive Therapy for Autism in Dubai is offered at Hope AMC, which is a very well-known and reputable rehabilitation center for special needs children. At this rehabilitation center, the Pediatric Intensive Therapy programs offered are customized as per the specific needs and development goals of the children as every child may have unique neurological issues and developmental challenges, and therefore, one therapy program may not be suitable for all. And so, the therapy period, its characteristics, the approaches, tools, and techniques used vary largely so as to cater to the particular needs of the children. 

How is Intensive Physical Therapy Beneficial?

Apart from developing the social, communication, and behavioral skills of the children, Intensive Therapy in the UAEalso gives importance to the physical development of the children. This therapy makes sure that children gain independence to move freely and the capability to perform the basic everyday tasks including self-grooming. 

An integral part of the Intensive Physical Therapy is the Cuevas Medek Exercise (CME®) and this proves to be extremely beneficial for children having motor delays and disorders. CME® promotes automatic motor responses as well as improves body balance and coordination, strengthens the muscles, and improves stamina and functional skills. And all this results in the children gaining the ability to stand, sit, walk, kneel, and make other basic body movements on their own or with little help.

The Intensive Therapy for Autism in Dubai is a 3-week program and it is offered all year round. Each week, five daily sessions are taken that stretch for 3 consecutive weeks. Many children show fast and commendable progress, surpassing all the expectations during these therapy sessions. Different proven techniques are used in these therapy sessions and because of this, children learn the skills much faster than in the traditional therapeutic approaches.

To learn more about pediatric Intensive Therapy in the UAE, get in touch with the team of Hope AMC.

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