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Lego Therapy in Dubai – An Innovative Therapeutic Technique for Autistic Children

Lego-Therapy | Hope AMC

Lego Therapy in Dubai – An Innovative Therapeutic Technique for Autistic Children
Any kind of medical issues in children becomes a major concern for the parents and it is very natural because the children are the center of attention, love, and care for every parent. If you spot any kind of disability in your child, whether it is physical or neurological, you should seek immediate medical intervention. Now, if you are wondering where to find all kinds of therapeutic services for children with special needs, then there are some very reputable medical rehabilitation centers for children in the city of Dubai like Hope AMC. In these medical centers, different innovative and proven therapies like Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Feeding Therapy, ABA Therapy, Intensive Therapy, Cuevas Medek Exercises (CME®), Augmentative and Alternative Communication, Tube Weaning, LEGO Therapy, etc. are provided by very knowledgeable, experienced, and well-trained pediatric therapists and caregivers.

In these pediatric rehabilitation centers, the use of various innovative techniques, such as the Hanen Program, Beckman Oral Motor Approach, PROMPT, AAC, etc. provide effective results in children.

Lego Therapy Dubai
LEGO Therapy in Dubai – a Way to Develop the Vital Skills in Children
Like various other pediatric therapies, LEGO Therapy is an important therapeutic program practiced in the abilitation centers like Hope AMC in Dubai. Children with neurological disorders like Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) get immensely benefited from this therapy. ASD is a condition in children when their communication and social interaction abilities get impaired. The behaviors, interests, speech and language, cognitive, emotional, social, as well as physical health and abilities of the children, get affected by ASD.

A Play Therapy that Can Teach a Number of Skills
In the year 2004, the LEGO Therapy was conceived by Dr. Daniel LeGoff to develop communication, cognitive, social, and motor skills in children with ASD. In this form of play therapy, children with similar disorders and disabilities are divided into a few groups. The play sessions have some rules, which the children are asked to follow and throughout the session, the children practice different skills like verbal and non-verbal communication skills, problem-solving skills, and they learn how to work in a team with joint attention and cooperation, and together, they accomplish the particular tasks.

LEGO Therapy in Dubai – a Highly Motivating Technique of Skill-Building
In the LEGO Therapy sessions, the children are assigned specific tasks, such as they play the roles of builders, engineers, directors, suppliers, etc. These roles are switched among children throughout the play session so that each child gets to play all the different roles and practice the specific skills associated with the role-play. The pediatric occupational therapists always remain present with the children throughout the play sessions so that they can support and channelize the efforts and activities of the children in the right direction.

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