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My Happiness Comes on Wheels

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December 14, 2018

I have a four-year-old daughter, Darah who has cerebral palsy. She acquired this condition due to medical negligence during her birth. As a result, she is non-mobile and non-verbal. Before just the thought of this made my heart bleed. Now, it became my new normal. It blended into my life wrapped up in full acceptance as a mere fact of life.

Before when I said my daughter has CP, I couldn’t stop the tears, now I say it with a smile, Exactly the same way I say I have brown eyes ?

You see what I once thought is going to be the source of my misery became the source of inspiration and happiness. Darah cannot talk but she made her siblings the best special needs advocates. They defend special needs rights in school, write essays and speeches about challenges other children face and criticize ableism. They take the lead to help children with extra needs and always volunteer their time. They would have never become who they are today (I can’t even be more proud) if it wasn’t for Darah.

Darah does not walk, but she made us take disability awareness walks and races pushing her in her little wheel chair.

This little girl might not be able to do it herself but she made an entire family do it for her. She is an inspiration not just to our family but for so many families

A fellow mum once told me “Listen I am sorry for what happened, but lucky for the rest of us” Everything happens for a reason that’s my belief.

I wouldn’t be here and now doing what I am doing and loving it. If it was not for my little Angel.

So Happiness comes in all different shapes and sizes and mine happens to come on a wheel chair.