Pediatric Physical Therapy: Why See A Pediatric Physical Therapist for Your Child?

Early Intervention Physiotherapy

Like all parents, you also want your child to be as healthy and comfortable as possible while growing up, right? Seeing a pediatric physical therapist can help achieve your goal. Physical therapy is not just for athletes, adults, or people with certain health conditions, either. Sometimes, toddlers, children, and even babies need physiotherapy.

You may be late in going up the stairs and pick up a thing. But it can be a real challenge for a child with an injury or delay in development. That is where and when you need to see physical therapy for kids. Early intervention is better off delaying treatment for physical therapy treatment for cerebral palsy, for instance.

What does a Pediatric Physical Therapist do?

Pediatric physical therapists help kids improve their range of motion, strength, flexibility, and movement patterns. In doing so, the therapists try to enable the children with conditions or injuries to move their bodies how and when they want to the best of their abilities and ensure performing everyday activities become easier for kids.

When Should Your Child See a Physical Therapist?

If you observe your child demonstrates physical limitations or inability to perform normal age-appropriate motor skills, you should see a pediatric physical therapist for a consultation. This developmental condition may follow an injury, surgery, or complication from a medical condition. Go for an early intervention physiotherapy consultation with a physical therapist when your child is not meeting the normal developmental milestones or if you would like to establish a fitness plan for injury prevention or weight management.

What Will Your Child do in a Physical Therapy Treatment Session?

Usually, pediatric physical therapy sessions are designed on a play and fun model. Physiotherapists engage kids with fun, age-appropriate games and activities to keep them motivated and happy. The method helps improve their gross motor skills gradually. Intensive physical therapy involves large muscle groups, like walking and throwing, besides playing on large exercise balls to build strength, running or hopping around to improve their coordination, standing on one foot, balancing on a balance beam, etc.

A physical therapist for kids can also suggest these activities to do with your child at home like encouraging kids to side-lying. It is a very good and essential position to promote core activation and encourages a child to bring hands and feet to the midline. It also prevents flat-head or plagiocephaly.

Physical Therapy for Kids at Hope AMC Offers Safe, Specialized Healing

Hope AMC, a state-of-the-art healthcare facility in Dubai, offers physical therapy treatment for cerebral palsy, injury experiences, physical conditions, etc. Their specialized physiotherapy program uses personalized intensive physical therapy programs to impact a child’s ability to move, play, and participate effectively, sooner. They understand that pediatric therapy program for kids with special needs differs from one patient to another, which is why Hope AMC designs specialized personalized physical therapy program to address your child’s specific needs as they develop and grow.

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