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Spider Cage, what is it and what is it for?

The Universal Exercise Unit (UEU) known as Spider Cage is a 3-sided wire cage with a set of flexible ropes used by pediatric physiotherapists. It is a valuable tool that we utilize at Hope AMC for so many purposes and benefits.

Spider Cage therapy is simply a way of suspension therapy; in which we perform full/partial body suspension or segmental body suspension for isolated muscle strengthening.

Full/Partial Body Suspension:

Functional activities in which the child/adolescent is challenged by his/her body weight (gravity) or challenged by wrong body alignment can be facilitated and performed by the help of suspension in the spider cage therapy.

The advantage of the spider cage and ropes is that the suspension does not have to be only vertical, it can be a combination or just horizontal support for centralization and stabilization of the trunk and pelvis.

The ropes are attached to the child/adolescent in various ways, but the most efficient way is through a Suit. Please refer to our other blog for details on suit therapy

Spider cage Suspension therapy is useful for promoting confidence and safety so that the subject can experience sitting, quadruped, standing and all off-floor activities with a correct body alignment in a dynamic manner, in addition to allowing a wide degree of movement freedom.

Spider Cage / Suit therapy is a fun and engaging pediatric physiotherapy technique that can be used in regular as well as intensive therapy.

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