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Children with autism can benefit from occupational and ABA therapy. Designed to help develop fine motor skills and improve life skills, such as feeding and dressing, etc. ABA and occupational therapies are the most effective tools for autistic children who need assistance to learn adaptive behaviors that will help them adjust to changes in routine and environment and react more positively to sensory stimuli. 

The ultimate goal of occupational therapy and ABA therapy is to allow children to adopt the highest quality of life possible and treat children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), a common developmental disorder found in children of all ages impairing a child’s ability, to communicate and interact. These therapies offer a chance for the autistic child to be as independent as possible, and to live more fully in the world.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy specialists work with children with a variety of disorders, such as autism, sensory integration problems, feeding disorders, visual processing disorders, and ADD/ADHD, Down syndrome. A child’s ability is affected by these conditions and they fail to do daily tasks appropriately, such as eating, coloring, getting dressed, going to the bathroom, writing, and even interacting properly with others. 

The skills that our OT specialists work on in Occupational therapy at Hope AMC, the best pediatric rehabilitation center in Dubai, can help children become more self-sufficient and independent! Our occupational therapy specialists can also help to address social skills by helping them learn how to transition between activities and how to take turns while playing games, which are immensely effective we work on in our Occupational Therapy.

ABA Therapy

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy is an evidence-based approach to intervention that helps children with autism learn a variety of social skills, functional skills, self-management skills, independent living skills, and imitation skills. 

The ABA therapy at Hope AMC focuses on ensuring that the children can achieve their goals and gain maximum independence in conducting the OT activities. Our OT program is designed to work with your child by breaking down complex tasks into smaller parts and then linking activities together. When someone is speaking, a small fidget toy, for example, can help them focus, or teach them appropriate social behaviors such as sharing. Our OT specialists work on various motor skill development activities, such as asking/answering questions, turn-taking, requesting items, conversation skills, completing tasks such as assembling toys and functional play, chores, motor, and vocal imitation, and a handful of other skills.

How They Work Together 

At Hope AMC, we adopt a collaborative rehabilitation care approach, blending occupational therapy, ABA therapy, lego therapy, feeding therapy, and mental health therapy, when you come to your pediatric rehabilitation therapy center in Dubai. Having all your child’s therapies under one roof in a state-of-the-art healthcare facility will help your children improve their success because our therapists will be in constant communication about their therapy plan and their progress. 

Hope AMC aims to empower every child with disabilities and challenges to reach their best possible level of potential and unfold their capabilities that have been unseen to the world so far. And all these are made possible with our combined efforts of the best pediatric therapists in Dubai. 

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