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Pediatric rehabilitation enables children and adolescents to live healthy lives, develop resiliency, and participate in activities that are important to them and their families. Every step of the journey, children, teens, and families are involved.

What Does Pediatric Rehabilitation Offer?

Physical, occupational, and speech therapy, as well as the use of assistive devices and/or drugs to reduce raised tone and facilitate postural alignment, are all part of pediatric rehabilitation.

The Pediatric Rehabilitation Program provides inpatient care to children ranging in age from infants to young adults as they recover from sickness or accident. The program welcomes the child as a whole, addressing their whole range of medical, therapeutic, social, and emotional needs. Throughout the child’s stay and recovery process, the doctors encourage social growth and emotional well-being by providing frequent chances for age-appropriate play and leisure activities.

What To Know About The Rehabilitation Program?

Because rehabilitation treatment is tailored to each individual’s needs, each program is unique. The following are some general therapy components for pediatric rehabilitation in Dubai:

  • Getting to the root of the problem and avoiding complexities
  • Taking care of the impairment and enhancing function
  • Adaptive tools and a change in the environment
  • Teaching the patient and his or her family about the changes in their lifestyle and assisting them in adapting to them

Many factors influence rehabilitation success, including the following:

  • The disease, disorder, or injury’s nature and severity
  • Any ensuing impairments and disabilities, as well as the type and severity of said impairments and disabilities
  • The patient’s overall health Family support

Which Is The Best Pediatric Rehabilitation Center In Dubai?

Hope Abilitation Medical Centeris a one-of-a-kind pediatric rehabilitation center in Dubai that serves as a one-stop shop for children’s healthcare.

We bring together a diverse range of specialties from around the world under one roof. We provide both medical and rehabilitation services.

Hope AMC Clinics caters to children’s general health and well-being as well as their special needs. We have a number of clinics that cover a wide range of topics. Hope AMC medical center for children in Dubai is unique in that we have highly qualified pediatric doctors and therapists working together under the same roof, collaborating and addressing the full needs of each child individually as a team.

What Do We Offer?

Our rehabilitation program provides a variety of pediatric therapies that are tailored to the specific needs of each child. We offer the following rehabilitative therapy program:

Telehealth- Our teletherapy sessions are meant to produce results that are comparable to traditional therapy. Our strategy has been well-thought-out and tested in the field.

Intensive Therapy – For children with neurological problems such as cerebral palsy, intensive therapy (Intensive Model of Therapy) is quite effective. These one-of-a-kind treatment sessions for children with neurological impairments aid with balance, functional abilities, stamina, and muscle development.

Physical Therapy– It is a type of physiotherapy that focuses on increasing children’s strength, gross motor skills, coordination, flexibility, balance, and sensory integration.

Hydrotherapy- It aids in the relaxation of muscles and the reduction of body tension.

Speech and Language Therapy– This is a set of dynamic strategies that give children with speech and language impairments the ability to communicate successfully.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication- It is a specialized curriculum that attempts to help youngsters successfully communicate and express themselves.

Lego Therapy – This is a type of interactive therapy for children with ASD that focuses on building verbal and nonverbal communication skills via fun activities.

Feeding Therapy- It is a type of pediatric speech and language therapy that might help your child overcome his or her eating issues.

Tube Weaning-Intensive program that can transform your picky eater into a healthy and happy eater without the use of feeding tubes.

Occupational therapy- It focuses on improving their motor skills for children and preparing them to be more autonomous and self-reliant.

Handwriting Program- An occupational therapist customizes each child’s handwriting program to fit their specific needs.

ABA Therapy- This therapy consists of extensive one-on-one sessions with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder that include behavior modification and skill development (ASD).

School Support– We offer specialized school programs that target your child’s social interactions with classmates, intellectual, and writing skills.


You and our team both want your child to get the most out of therapy. We can assist your youngster to hit the ball out of the park if we work together.

Call our experts at +971-529997075 / +971 4 346 0066. You can click here to make an appointment right away.

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