What Is Feeding Therapy for Infants and Toddlers?

Feeding Therpy

Many children have trouble eating and swallowing precisely. Feeding therapy is devised to help them develop standard and efficient feeding patterns and behaviors. It is not just a therapeutic approach to teach children how to eat. Besides, an occupational therapist (OT) or speech-language pathologist (SLP) works closely with children and their families to figure out the root cause of the patient’s difficulties. After that, they tailor strategic therapy modules for each child according to their specific needs to make eating easier and pleasant for them.

What Is Feeding Therapy for Children?

Feeding therapy is a therapeutic process in which a certified speech or occupational therapist teaches a child how to eat and swallow better. Depending on a patient’s underlying issues, which can be either motor or sensory or both, a practitioner will create a sensory-motor approach to treat the underlying barriers of a child and grow his or her ability to eat age-appropriate foods. Intensive feeding therapy or program teaches children and their parents the skills and techniques to eat safely, confidently, and comfortably. This therapy session usually occurs once or twice a week and lasts for around one hour.

Who Needs Feeding Therapy?

Your child may benefit from paediatric feeding therapy in Dubai or other cities if he has any of the following symptoms:

  1. He refuses to eat or drink so often
  2. Spits up a lot
  3. He cries or arches his back when it comes to eat
  4. Not gaining weight
  5. Not growing fast as compared to the other kids of his age
  6. Undergoing trouble breathing when drinking or eating
  7. Has breathy or hoarse voice during or after consuming meals

How Does Feeding Therapy Work?

Children in their normal state become hungry every few hours. But unfortunately, some kids refuse to eat very often, which is probably a symptom of underlying health problems. In a situation like this, parents must take their baby to a speech-language pathologist or occupational therapist. SLPs and OTs are clinically trained to assess children’s eating behavior and chewing skills. They teach kids the technique of strengthening the muscles in their mouth and the art of moving their tongues efficiently. Therapists also improve patients’ ability to drink from a glass or suck from a bottle and manage to breathe while drinking or eating.

During therapy sessions, a therapist teaches children different skills based on their needs. The most common skills among them are:

  1. Oral skills
  2. Food orientation
  3. Enhancement in the overall eating experience

When Does a Child Need Feeding Therapy?

We recommend visiting a feeding therapist if your child:

  1. Only eats 5 to 10 different foods
  2. Is undergoing stressful mealtime
  3. Has a low birth weight
  4. Is suffering from face and neck muscle weakness
  5. Chokes or incapable of coping with the different textures of food
  6. Has stomach problems
  7. Is suffering from autism or other sensory issues
  8. Consuming medicines that revoke his hunger

How Much Feeding Therapy Costs?

The cost of feeding therapy depends on several factors, such as the remuneration of the therapist, the severity of the patient’s complication, etc. We recommend not to worry about the money when the issue is associated with your sweetheart’s health and wellbeing. Besides, you can avail top-notch pediatric feeding therapy in Dubai from Hope Abilitation Medical Center at the most affordable rates. Contact us now to learn about our pricing, opening hours, and the therapeutic procedures of our therapists. Together we can help your baby to eat better and safer.

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