What is Hydrotherapy?

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What is Hydrotherapy?
What is Hydrotherapy? – How It’s Work

Previously known as hydropathy, hydrotherapy is the process of treatment and pain relief using water as a means of occupational therapy, naturopathy, and physiotherapy. This mode of treatment involves doing special types of exercises in a warm water pool. Several physiological conditions including arthritis and rheumatisms can be treated effectively using hydrotherapy. The water is usually warmer than a typical swimming pool and the therapy is done under the supervision of a physiotherapist or an assistant. The specialized exercises can be performed according to your strength and movement on the basis of the symptoms you are diagnosed with.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy in Dubai

  • The controlled temperature of the warm water can give relief to the pain in muscles and joints and thus facilitates the movements to do the required exercises.
  • Your weight gets much more balanced in water as you receive a support thus making your movements easier and less painful.
  • Muscle strength can be improved by moving your limbs against the resistance given by water.
  • Detoxification is improved by eliminating waste and toxic materials from the body.
  • The immune system is strengthened and an overall wellness is created.

Hydrotherapy is used as a treatment option for a variety of physical conditions as water is very much effective in giving relief while you remain immersed or buoyant. Anxiety and stress, back pain, rheumatic pain and arthritis, headaches, muscle pain and inflammation, poor circulation, poor muscle and skin tone, muscle or ligament injuries or broken limbs, hip or other joint replacements and neurological conditions like strokes or brain injuries are some of the conditions for which hydrotherapy is very effective.

Effectiveness of Hydrotherapy
Research shows that hydrotherapy can be highly effective in improving strength and building strength in people who suffer from different types of arthritis. The general fitness is improved manifold and the exercises can be tailor-made according to the types of problems. Hydrotherapy is very much safe and has no side-effects.

Hydrotherapy works on the principle of its thermal and mechanical properties and effects. The body reacts to the pressure of the water, the stimuli of being hot or cold, the buoyancy and the extended application of heat. The nerves carry the sensation deep down into the body thus creating numerous positive reactions by improving the immune system, strengthening the circulatory system and digestive system, triggering various hormone secretions and most important of all giving relief to pain and improving blood circulation.

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