3 Warning Signs Your Child Should See A Speech & Language Therapy Specialist

speech language therapy
Children undergo many changes during their early years. As they grow, they learn how to babble, crawl, speak, and walk. The development of some skills in children may be delayed from time to time. With speech therapy for your child, these occurrences can be fixed.

Parents may opt for speech therapy for children if their child has difficulty pronouncing particular letters or words. First words can take even longer for some babies.

By making you aware of this phenomenon and treating it appropriately, we can help you realize that nothing about it is concerning. It is easy nowadays to find the best solution to these problems since many speech-language therapy professionals are knowledgeable about them.

Is Speech Therapy Right For Your Child?

Speech therapists for children are often referred to children who have communication issues. As a result of the therapy, the problem is treated. Children with potential speech disorders should be helped before they develop further.

A speech-language therapist can help your child improve their speech before it’s too late.

How Can Speech Therapists Help Your Children?

Professionals who specialize in speech-language therapy help both children and adults with a variety of speech-related issues. Their primary focus during education is human anatomy and physiology. Furthermore, they study other fields such as linguistics, psychology, and neurology.

Besides helping with lisps and stuttering, speech-language therapists provide many other services. Here are a few examples to give you an idea of how they work:

  • There are many types of speech disorders, including articulation and motor speech disorders
  • Stuttering is an example of a fluency disorder
  • Symptoms of voice disorders
  • Disorders of cognitive-communicative functioning, such as social-communication disorders and reasoning disorders
  • It is possible that a child’s inability to swallow food is due to deeper issues that can also affect their speech. This can also be helped by speech therapy for children.

3 Warning Signs Your Child Should See a Speech-Language Therapist

The development of children differs from one to another. There are some that affect development more quickly, while there are others that take longer. Some problems, however, require prompt attention.

Listed below are some signs that your child might need speech-language therapy.

1: Stuttering in Your Child

As a speech disorder, stuttering refers to the inability to form smooth sentences. Treatments are available for many children who suffer from this problem.

The beginning of stuttering typically occurs when children are 2 or 3 years old. Some children begin stuttering later as they develop, which is not always the case.

Parents can notice stuttering when it happens suddenly. Stuttering is highly likely if you see your child making a strange face or experiencing discomfort while speaking.

Visit a speech-language pathologist Dubai as soon as you notice anything odd.

2: You Child Says Few Words

Children of a certain age can say a certain number of words.

In general, children between 1.5 and 2 years of age can say over 50 words, and those around one year and a half can say over 20. If it is less than that, a therapist should be contacted.

3: Simple Statements don’t Make Sense to Your Child

It may be a good idea to see an SLP if your child does not understand simple questions or clear orders. Obviously, this applies to children older than 2 who do not seem to comprehend.

A child of that age should know how to understand over 300 words by that age, such as “bring me the toy” and “do you want chocolate?”.

Final Thoughts

In order to discover and treat potential speech disorders, you should constantly monitor your child’s behavior. If you notice anything unusual, you shouldn’t be too concerned. A speech-language pathologist in Dubai at Hope AMC can be an invaluable resource in this regard.

Contact one of our talented therapists today for a consultation if you believe your child may benefit from speech therapy.

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