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Intensive Prompt Speech-Language Therapy For Children Dubai – Hope AMC

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Is your child suffering from gross motor speech challenges? If your child struggles with a significant speech disorder, you need to find a path-breaking approach that will make a noticeable difference in the least amount of time. It is so frustrating that your child is unable to express his or her feelings verbally independently. They face difficulties producing speech due to successfully executing specific sounds, which is known as articulation and phonological disorder.

How Speech Disorders Can Impact?

Speech disorders can impact sound production. Due to speech disorder muscle weakness or difficulty appears that can also impact coordination and muscle movement. Motor speech disorders can be daunting to remediate by traditional articulation therapy. To cope it up you should think of a reliable Speech-language therapy method that must be shaped based on the unique needs of your child.

How Prompt Speech Therapy Can Help?

PROMPT stands for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets. This is a top therapy method that focuses on tactile-kinesthetic cues. PROMPTspeech therapy Dubai is an effective therapy that helps in treating children with motor speech disorders. This therapy aims at children including childhood apraxia of speech and dysarthria. This therapy also helps children with acquired brain injuries and autism.

How Does PROMPT Speech Therapy Work?

The use of touch cues makes PROMPT therapy the unique one from other approaches, that comes with visual and verbal cues. Top speech-language therapists use pads of their fingers that provide tactile prompts to the individual’s face, jaw, and mylohyoid muscles under the chin. This is a complicated process so for a flawless application of prompt speech therapy in Dubai, special training is required.  PROMPT focuses on teaching motor control for impeccable speech production while at the same time eliminating interfering or inadequate muscle movements.

Why Are Tactile-Kinesthetic Cues Used in PROMPT Method When Treating Speech Disorders?

For the application of PROMPT speech therapy, we won’t use visual or verbal cues. The reason is speech production is a complex process that consists of 100 muscles. The smallest unit of sound in speech is a phoneme like a word ‘cat’, which has three phonemes, C sound, A sound, and T sound. When you are going to pronounce cat, you can recognize different movements of your jaw and tongue during the production of each phoneme in ‘cat’. Each phoneme has a specific manner and placement is the production and these are timed and based on the surrounding phonemes. This is the main reason why treating motor speech disorder requires thorough training for its complicated structure.

How Do the Therapists Use This?

PROMPT speech therapy is unique and it is being used as the widely accepted method. We should consider the assessment and treatment that is performed by the top speech therapists. Training on intensive speech therapy for children helps the therapist to explore how to break down each system that is involved in speech production, thus the specific areas of deficits can be found.

The therapist also can figure out how to execute the tactile-kinesthetic cues to the articulators. This can help the children to produce the targeted phoneme or word. Expert therapists can easily identify the parameter, surface, and syllable prompt. The type of prompt is used to determine based on the level of support needed.

Where to Get the Services?

For a seamless application of intensive prompt speech and language therapy for children in Dubai, you must select trustworthy therapists from top pediatric rehabilitation centers. Hope Abilitation Medical Center has taken pride throughout the decades in offering extensive care for speech and language improvement for children with poor speech production capabilities.

The team offers evidence-based care for children. The expert therapists provide compassionate care for each child and trust the way they do. They provide a holistic assessment of children’s needs and decide the best speech-language therapy to support them by strengthening their muscle movements.

The Bottom Line

Intensive PROMPT speech-language therapy for children in Dubai benefits many children having poor motor speech disorders helping them learn developmental skills. If you help your child undergo this treatment plan, it will improve their communication abilities while reducing harmful behaviors, including self-injury.

Intensive speech therapy is considered to be an excellent therapy plan for assisting with many of the symptoms found in children who are diagnosed with any kind of developmental delay. Consult with the speech and language therapists in Hope Abilitation Medical Center. Visit to fix an appointment with top qualified speech and language therapists today.

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