Can Speech Therapy Help Children with Negative Emotions Caused by Stuttering?

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Do you see your child stammering quite often while talking? Is it like your child prolonging a word or syllable? If yes, then it can be a matter you should be really concerned about. Your child may be suffering from a speech disorder called stammering or stuttering. Taking early intervention with speech therapy may help your kid improve with time.

Speech therapy clinics in Dubai offer effective speech-language therapy for stuttering, Articulation errors, Apraxia, Dysarthria, and other issues.

How Does A Child Feel With Stuttering?

As a parent, it’s vital to understand that the way your child perceives their stuttering or disfluencies can have a great impact on their well-being. If your child feels ashamed or afraid of stuttering or loses confidence, their stuttering may worsen, and they may also start to avoid doing things they enjoy because of their fear.

It’s really important for parents to assist their children in recognizing and addressing their negative emotions related to stuttering. Parents can offer their children support and reassurance. They should encourage them to talk about their feelings, and seek professional help from experts specializing in speech disorders in children in Dubai.

By helping your child develop a positive attitude towards their stuttering, you can boost their confidence and self-esteem, which can in turn improve their overall communication skills. Remember, your love and understanding can go a long way in helping your child manage their stuttering and thrive in their daily life.

The Impact of Stuttering

As a parent, it’s vital to understand the potential impact of stuttering on your child’s life. If your child begins stuttering between 22 months to three years old, it’s crucial to seek help as early intervention can significantly improve the chances of recovery.

Stuttering can cause mental anguish in children, leading to isolation and emotional distress. 

Bullying in school or social settings can also be a problem for children who stutter, which may result in anxiety issues in the future. 

It’s crucial to address stuttering early and provide your child with the necessary support and resources to manage their stuttering effectively. Consult a therapist  that offers tailor-made speech therapy for kids in Dubai.

Steps to Helping Children Fight Negative Emotions about Stuttering:

To support your kid who stutters, it’s vital to listen to his/her experiences without judgment or assumptions. Ask your kids questions and pay close attention to their answers. 

Cognitive restructuring can also be helpful. Help your little champ transform any negative beliefs or thoughts about his/her stuttering into more positive, empowering ones. Encourage children to understand the reality of their stuttering and how it may impact their life.

If the person is ready, desensitization techniques can be used to overcome the fear of stuttering. This should be done gradually and under the guidance of a trained speech-language pathologist. Start with low-stress activities, such as stuttering to oneself in private, and slowly work up to more challenging situations.

The goal should be to provide support, understanding, and encouragement to your dear kid who stutters. Everyone’s experience is different, so it’s important to approach your kid with an open mind and a willingness to listen and help in the best way possible.

The goals of speech therapy for stuttering are to:

  • Reduce the frequency of stuttering 
  • Lowering tension associated with speaking
  • Reduce word avoidances
  • Boost communication skills

When to seek speech evaluation

As children start to talk, it’s common for their speech to be choppy and for them to repeat words or phrases. This can make it difficult for parents to distinguish between typical speech patterns and stuttering.

However, if as a parent you notice that your child’s stuttering persists for more than six months, you should immediately consult a speech therapist.

Hope AMC is Dubai’s speech and language therapy clinic in Dubai, offering individualized treatment to children of various ages. 

Book an appointment today to help your kid overcome steering and other speech and language disorders.

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