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Early diagnosis and intensive therapy are important for children with autism because they can help the child learn and develop important skills, reduce disruptive behaviors, and improve the overall quality of life. Early diagnosis allows parents and professionals to create effective treatment plans that are tailored to the individual child’s needs. 

Early intervention can also help reduce the severity of symptoms, which can lead to better outcomes in adulthood. Intensive therapy can provide children with autism with the structure and guidance to help them develop communication, social, and life skills. It can also provide a safe environment for them to practice these skills, with the help of one-on-one instruction and support from qualified professionals.

Top 5 Benefits of Early Intervention for Children with Autism

1. Improved Language Skills: Early intervention can help children develop language skills in a variety of ways, such as through speech therapy, sign language, and other methods of communication.

2. Increased Social Skills: Early intervention can help children with autism interact with peers and make friends, which can improve their overall quality of life.

3. Improved Self-Care Abilities: Early intervention can help children with autism gain the skills needed to care for themselves, such as dressing, grooming, and eating independently.

4. Reduced Behavioral Problems: Early intervention can help children with autism learn how to regulate their emotions and behaviors, reducing the likelihood of meltdowns and outbursts.

5. Improved Quality of Life: Early intervention can improve the overall quality of life for children with autism by helping them learn the skills needed to live independently and participate in their community.

We offer therapy sessions throughout the year at Hope AMC‘s Intensive Therapy Program in Dubai. In order for the children to develop their skills in therapy, it is important to practice them at home. Each child receives a program tailored to his or her needs, enabling them to accomplish this.

With the Intensive Physiotherapy Program in Dubai, you can achieve faster and better results than with traditional therapies. It has been observed that many children progress to the next level of development much faster than anticipated during the 3-week program. In the absence of these skills, it would have taken about a year to acquire them.

Our Intensive Physical Therapy sessions use a combination of techniques. From three months old to any age, these techniques can be used effectively on children. A key component of the Intensive Physical Therapy Programs is the Cuevas Medek Exercise or CME®, which helps children with motor delays and disorders develop automatic motor responses.

Three weeks of intensive therapy are divided into five daily sessions. A child’s session can last from two to six hours per day depending on their age, needs, condition, strengths, and weaknesses. Preparing the child for exercises or tasks takes up a large portion of this time. As a result of this unique and effective method, children are able to improve their balance, functional skills, stamina, and muscles, so that they can do basic body movements independently, such as standing, sitting, kneeling, and walking.

Final Thoughts

Families and parents may find it challenging to raise a child with autism. When parents provide their child with the right strategies and support, treatment can reduce the effects of ASD and help the child thrive. Statistically significant gains and optimal therapeutic outcomes can be achieved with earlier diagnosis, higher treatment intensity, and longer treatment duration for children with autism spectrum disorders.

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