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intensive physiotherapy dubai

The practice of physiotherapy has revolutionized in the recent past. Physical therapy and the latest practices of intensive therapy have proved to be a vital element for treating children suffering from neurological disorders. Intensive physiotherapy is a combination of the latest practices of physical therapy and intensive therapy to improve mental illness and increase the functional ability of persons. These therapies are specially designed to help kids with neurological conditions.

What Is Intensive Physiotherapy For Children?

Intensive physiotherapy is a high-intensity physiotherapy program designed and performed by a skilled therapist. Based on the intensity of health issues of children, the program sessions are designed with the aim to improve the functional ability of kids. The intensive therapy takes 3 weeks to complete and the therapy session is often combined with other health professionals such as speech and language therapists. To ensure that the needs of the children are met.

What Are The Advantages Of Intensive Physiotherapy For Children?

Intensive physiotherapy can help your child to overcome many problems. The aim of the sessions can change based on the current level of ability of the kids. Check out some common advantages of intensive physiotherapy listed below:

  • Intensive physiotherapy can help children to increase their functional ability.
  • It can assist them to have the necessary independence to do their work on their own.
  • It improves the ability of children to complete the activities of their daily living.
  • Intensive therapy also improves integration.
  • It significantly reduces the care needs of children with neurological disorders.
  • The therapy sessions also improve the confidence of children.
  • It also helps them develop essential motor skills.
  • The therapy sessions also help kids to involve in various fun and engaging activities.

How Is Intensive Physiotherapy Planned?

Hope AMC is a leading pediatric rehabilitation center renowned for itsintensive physiotherapy in Dubai, performed by skilled and experienced therapists. The intensive rehabilitation session takes 3 weeks to complete and the therapy sessions are offered throughout the year. You will be able to notice significant progress in your child during this 3 week’s therapy session. However, it is important for children to practice the skills and abilities they acquire during the session at home. Parents must pay extra attention to continue the progress of their children.

A child who is undergoing an intensive physiotherapy program will show more progress as compared to a child who has not received any kind of therapy or training. Intensive therapy sessions help children enhance various skills including motor skills and other development skills at a faster rate.

What Is The Speciality Of Intensive Physiotherapy?

Intensive therapy in Dubai is one of the most accepted and recognized programs to treat many disorders. The program is highly customized and designed to meet individual needs. Each child receives treatments under a different program that caters to their needs. Intensive physiotherapy is a smart combination of occupational therapy, physiotherapy, feeding therapy, and speech therapy with an aim to attain specific goals and needs of children.

Bottom Line:

The intensive physiotherapy continues for two to 6 hours a day, based on the age, conditions, needs, strengths, weaknesses, and abilities of a child. It is one of the most unique and effective methods performed by experienced therapists to help children improve various skills and abilities including balance, functional skills, stamina, strengths, and muscles. The program will help children improve their capabilities to carry out basic body movements such as standing, walking, sitting, etc. with less supervision and assistance. Home AMC (Abilitation Medical Center) is committed to serving children to improve their overall health. We have expert therapists that are capable of providing your child with complete medical care and modern facilities. If you are looking for family healthcare, we can be your one-stop destination to get all the specialists doctors, and healthcare facilities under one roof. Connect with us to fix the appointment with our expert therapists.

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