Is Cuevas Medek Exercise (CME) Really Effective Than Other Therapies?

CME therapy

CME or Cuevas Medek Exercises is a path-breaking and highly popular therapy that was invented by Ramon Cuevas, a physical therapist from Chili in 1972. CME is a hands-on psychomotor therapy technique that is more effective for children than other therapies. WHY? Because CME therapy combines more than 3000 exercises. This therapy is uniquely designed for individual kids to provoke new motor movements. Here the ultimate goal is to improve the functional movement and promote the highest level of independence. 

Cuevas Medek exercise chiefly focuses on developing the connection between the brain and body as well as the natural recovery potential of the brain.

In this post, we will discuss CME Therapy, its advantages and more.

When do your kids need Cuevas Medek therapy?

Cuevas Medek Exercise (CME) is a tailored therapy that is highly effective for kids having Cerebral Palsy, Dystonia, Autism, Spina Bifida, Hypotonia, Down Syndrome, Global Developmental Delay, gross motor skills, and other disabilities.

CME is applicable for children as young as three months old. Children can continue this until they reach the milestone or achieve the desired control over independent walking.

What makes CME more effective compared to other therapies?

First of all, there are many studies that show that CME therapy produces greater responses. CME evaluation is composed of 41 items. This helps in assessing the motor reactions during the first sixteen months of age of the child.  This is something that can be used to examine children with unmistakable motor dysfunctions. This assessment establishes a baseline of the motor performance of the children. Based on this assessment, the therapists make the treatment plan. And the treatment is dynamic and challenging.

See, CME is developed on the idea that the therapists must engage the children with specific sets of exercises. It is when after completing each exercise for 3-8 repetitions, then only the child is promoted to the other set of exercises.  If the therapists observe that the child is able to master the exercise after one repetition, the therapist then goes on to select another and even more challenging exercise. 

MEDEK exercises use gravity by utilizing the most distal support possible. The goal of this therapy is constantly altering the exercises to constantly challenge the brain. And, one thing to note here is CME does not use the support of parallel bars or walkers for balance. This is what makes this therapy unique. 

The therapists start the program with uneven surfaces, unlike traditional therapy. Children generally have a genetic blueprint for motor responses. CME exercises bring out these responses.

Another thing that differs Cuevas Medek therapy from traditional therapy is that it does not require cooperation and motivation. Any child will be able to benefit from exercises even if he/she is not actively cooperating with therapy.

Expected outcome with MEDEK Therapy

Well, Medek Therapy specialists have worked with many children with motor issues. They have observed that with CME exercises, children have achieved better than expected improvement with gross motor delay.

If your child is undertaking Cuevas Medek therapy, then you can expect improvement in his/her gross motor skills. A strategically designed CME therapy can help your kid adapt to the natural influence of the force of gravity. This therapy provokes automatic postural reactions in the children. This is something that develops postural control which is crucial for performing functional tasks. If your child has problems with sitting, standing and walking, CME exercises can help your kid eventually with this.

Which is the best clinic for CME therapy?

Hope AMC is a highly-regarded pediatric rehabilitation center, totally dedicated to the betterment of children and growing adults in Dubai.

Our team specializes in offering tailored Cuevas Medek Exercise, neuromodulation, hippotherapy and delivers unique therapies for children with varying needs.

You can reach out to our team of experts to have an open discussion about the current condition of your child.

How do our CME therapists work?

After you book a consultation, our therapists head over to have a formal assessment in one session to identify the specific areas of weakness of your kid and also the things that need to be done.

Therapists involve parents in the therapy plan and even demonstrate some exercises of CME® during that session. This is to help parents have an idea how their kids respond to the specific exercise.

Next, the therapists set a goal with a specific set of exercises to address the issues. The objective is to help the kids develop balance against gravity. And, once the kid achieves this, he/she will be able to sit, stand, and walk independently. Each therapy session may last up to 30 minutes to a maximum of 55 minutes. However, the duration of the session depends on the unique needs of the kids.

Final Words

If you want to know how CME exercises can help your kid, schedule an appointment with our Cuevas Medek Therapy specialists in Dubai today.

Our team is always ready to help the kids live a better life.

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