Pediatric Physiotherapy for children with autism?

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Has your child been diagnosed with autism? If that is the case, then you are aware of their different sensory needs in school and on a daily basis. As well as low muscle tone, children with autism usually need strengthening interventions to achieve their goals. Physical therapy can help your loved one develop, which is why it may make a difference.

As a child with autism spectrum disorder, no two are alike. No matter how developed your child is, we know it’s important that they thrive in play and learning environments. To help patients with autism, our pediatric physical therapists at Hope AMC use a variety of strategies. Pediatric therapists know the value of a happy and healthy childhood for your child, no matter what condition they are in. 

Why do Children With Autism Need Physical Therapy? 

The various social language, physical, occupational and speech needs of children on the autism spectrum can require pediatric behavioral, physical, occupational, and speech therapy. 

By refining sensory and motor skills with the help of our pediatric physical therapy team at Hope AMC in Dubai, UAE, your loved one with autism can become more functional and independent. It is also possible that children with ASD may have difficulty with developing proper gross motor skills for their age, to the point that they may need assistance with crawling, rolling over, sitting up, running, climbing and more.

As well as difficulty making eye contact, reading facial expressions and body language, and/or regulating their own facial expressions and body language, they might also struggle with understanding what words to use or what tone they should use.  

Through interactive activities, pediatric physical therapy challenges and regulates children with autism’s responses to sensory input. The practice of noticing sounds, smells, sights, and feelings will make their ability to process them easier and more efficient with time. 

Integrating Physical Therapy for Autism with Speech Intervention

Therapy for autism in children typically includes social language and motor development. These skills are important, since they are factors that affect how a child can participate in regular childhood activities. Our physical therapists and speech therapists work together to reinforce learning across therapy sessions at Hope AMC, a world-class physiotherapy clinic for kids in Dubai

Autism is associated with gross motor delays. From atypical gait to trouble writing, they have some form of motor difficulty. In contrast to repetitive problems that are considered hallmarks of autism, these issues are distinct. Although motor problems are prevalent among children with autism, there is no general consensus that they are a core characteristic of autism, for they also occur with other conditions, such as Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and ADHD. Gross motor skills should be developed early in childhood, so that future health issues can be reduced. 

ASD Children May Suffer from the Following Motor Difficulties:

  • Incoordination and clumsiness
  • The ability to control fine motor movements is impaired
  • The inability to coordinate left and right limb movements, making it difficult for the child to jump, hop, skip, pump their legs or do other activities that require coordination
  •  Their posture or balance may be affected by a lack of muscle tone
  • Problems with coordination and planning, such as catching a ball and observing other people as they move, called praxis

Any motor system of the body can be affected by these difficulties, which can range from mild to severe.

Autism is often associated with social language disorders that affect children’s ability to speak and be social. Children with neurological or otherwise developmental difficulties may have issues with their communication, cognition, or swallowing function, which pediatric speech-language pathologists can help address. 

Hope AMC’s speech therapy programs are based on best practices that are geared to supporting children with age-appropriate speech intelligibility, effective communication and listening skills, experiencing the pleasures of eating safely, as well as enhancing cognitive skills, such as memory and concentration.

In terms of ensuring your child is able to interact with family and peers in a more natural, comfortable manner, pediatric physical therapy combined with speech therapy can prove to be the most helpful treatment option for your child with autism.

Providing each of our patients with the best level of physiotherapy for children is our top priority. Our therapists understand how important it is to a parent that their child has a healthy, happy childhood. Contact Hope AMC today!

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