How do I know my child is ready for toilet training?

You might see signs that your child is ready for toilet training from about two years on. Some children show signs as early as 18 months, and some might be older than two years.
It might be time for toilet training if your child:

  • is walking and can sit for short periods of time
  • is becoming generally more independent, including saying ‘no’ more often
  • is becoming interested in watching others go to the toilet
  • has dry nappies for up to two hours
  • tells you with words or gestures when they do a poo or wee in their nappy
  • begins to dislike wearing a nappy, perhaps trying to pull it off when it’s wet or soiled
  • has regular, soft, formed bowel movements
  • can pull their pants up and down
  • can follow simple instructions like ‘Give the ball to daddy’.
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