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Oh, your little one is learning to speak with little or broken words! This is one of the best feelings for parents when they hear “mama/dada” from their kids. However, with time, children may develop problems in speaking or communicating with others. This could happen due to any speech disorder, neurological condition, trauma, or even due to the environment they live in.

Stuttering is one such common condition that many children are suffering from. However, the good news is, with early intervention and the right pediatric speech therapy treatment, a child can overcome the stuttering problem with time.

Before we go deep into the discussion of stuttering, as parents, you should understand what stuttering is.

Stuttering in simple terms is a speech problem where the normal flow of speech is disrupted. If you see your child repeating or prolonging sounds, syllables, or words, your child has a stuttering problem. A child with a stuttering problem may find it difficult to communicate with others and often lack confidence. A child can overcome stuttering with speech-language therapy.

Now, Let’s Understand Different Types Of Stuttering

Developmental stuttering– Developmental stuttering is a common type of stuttering in children. A child who is between ages 2 and 5, may develop this type of stuttering problem. This is a  condition where a child’s speech and language development lags behind.

Neurogenic stuttering- When a child survives a stroke or brain injury, he/she may have Neurogenic stuttering. It occurs when a signal problem happens between the brain and nerves and muscles involved in speech.

Psychogenic stuttering– Psychogenic stuttering is rare. Children who face emotional trauma may have this type of stuttering problem. Or, this problem can happen along with some other problems such as thinking or reasoning.

What Causes Stuttering In A Child?

Well, doctors do not find any specific reasons for stuttering. However, in most families, Developmental stuttering is more common. It can be passed down from parents to children.

Which Children May Have Stuttering Issues?

A child is more likely to have a stuttering problem if he or she has:

  • Stuttered for 6 months or longer
  • A family history of stuttering
  • Any speech or language disorders
  • Or, strong feelings about stuttering or family members with fears or concerns

What Are Home Exercises To Help A Child With Stuttering?

Teach Pausing

Pausing is an effective technique for children with stuttering issues. If you need your child to overcome a stuttering problem, you need to let him understand where to pause after the first word or every sentence. Make your little one understand to never take a pause in the middle of words but after the words.

Drinking From a Straw

Drinking from a straw requires one tongue to be in a position that is optimal for speaking. This practice helps to develop oral skills that help children with stuttering problems.

AEIOU Therapy

This is another technique where the therapist helps kids to learn how to pronounce vowels loudly. Parents can try out this technique on their children to overcome stammering. 

Emphasize Simple Language

You must encourage your child to use simple language or short sentences when he/she speaks. This helps them to feel more confident about their speaking. 

Promote Speech Games

You can use pausing techniques in fun games. For example, you can implement a game where your child needs to explain or describe something. This helps your child to practice their speech in a fun and engaging way.

Wrapping Up

Stuttering is nothing to be ashamed of. Let your little one take the right speech therapy in Dubai from the competent speech and language therapists at Hope AMC.

Our therapists assess the condition of the child and also check their medical history and family medical history. Based on the assessment, our therapists devise a one-of-a-kind speech or language therapy plan. We also include parents in our therapy to help the child even at home.

Visit our website to discover more about our speech therapy process or speech disorders in children in Dubai. Or, come straight to our speech therapy clinic in Dubai.

You can consult our speech and language therapists to discuss the condition of your little one.

We are always here to help!

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