Suit Therapy – An Alternative Rehabilitation for Kids With Neuromuscular Conditions

Suit therapy

Hello parents! Have you heard of suit therapy or its application? If you have a kid with a neuromuscular condition, then you may have come across this.

Today, we will discuss suit therapy, its advantages and more.

Every parent wants their kids to grow and touch developmental milestones. However, there are a few kids who need therapeutic intervention because of neuromuscular conditions, developmental delays or other issues. 

When a child receives therapeutic treatment, parents want them to get the most out of their therapy sessions to make significant improvements with time. However,  sometimes, despite all the therapy, the bodies of the children just can’t manage to overcome the challenges they are facing. And, that’s when suit therapy comes to the rescue.

Suit therapy in a nutshell

Suit therapy in simple terms is more like an external support system. This system helps a child by making them more aware of their body’s position. This suit provides joint support and helps children stay in the right posture.

The suit used in suit therapy is a breathable dynamic soft proprioceptive orthosis. This suit comes with a vest, knee pads, shorts, shoe attachments and a hat. The components in the suit are fully connected by elastic bungees to realign and load the body. The purpose of using the suit is to align the body as close to normal as possible. The goal of this therapy is to re-establish correct postural alignment and distribute weight to normalize muscle tone, sensory and vestibular functions. Parents can look up to this suit to be an external skeletal support.

What results can parents expect with a suit therapy?

Therapists have shown remarkable changes in alignment and skills with suit therapy. This therapy can restrain the Central Nervous System and help it send to and fro signals to the brain. This is an action that is responsible for improving motor skills among children.

Suits also help in reinforcing proper movements in children. It helps them learn to align their body to walk, coordinate and maintain balance.

Children with CP or other neurological muscular conditions have weak muscles. Specially designed suits support weak muscles and build further resistance. The therapists engage kids in specific exercises to continuously train the weak muscles throughout the therapy.

The suit has compression over certain areas of the body to spread stimulation all across the body. This helps in bringing intensive awareness. 

Another great outcome of this therapy is it improves body alignment. The suit is designed in such a way that it helps kids learn to balance the entire weight vertically over the body. By the end of this Polish therapy, kids master skills to maintain proper body alignment.

Not only the above points, but therapists have also observed a significant improvement in fluency and speech control with the help of this suit therapy. The suit supports the trunk and head which is why the child improves speech and fluency.

N.B. –  Suit therapy is applicable for both intensive and ongoing therapy.

Where to take your child for suit therapy in Dubai?

Hope AMC is a reliable and highly regarded pediatric rehabilitation centre that offers tailored suit therapy in Dubai. We work with a team of skilled orthotic and prosthetic doctors and therapists with years of experience in this field.

Our DUNAG-02 suit is a specially designed orthotic device to treat children with neuromuscular disorders. The goal of our therapy is to facilitate proper movement and diminish undesired reflexes in the children.

When it comes to meeting the individual needs of every child, our clinic is the right destination. Our therapists and doctors conduct a thorough analysis of the condition of the kid. Based on the severity of the condition, age, weight and past medical history, the therapists devise a customized therapy plan. 

What does our intensive suit therapy look like?

We have intensive suit therapy sessions for kids. Our sessions may last up to 3-4 hours. And, this therapy is generally conducted five days a week. This whole intensive therapy program can last for 3-4 weeks, depending on the unique needs of the child. 

Is this suitable for all ages? YES. Our intensive suit therapy program is suitable for children of any age. But, for children under the age of one, we modify the duration of this therapy.

After the analysis of the condition, the therapists design the therapy plan. They use extensive kits like the DUNAG-02 suit to correct the posture and strengthen specific muscle groups of the kids.

Final Thoughts

Children with Cerebral Palsy, Ataxia, brain injury, post-stroke recovery and other neurological conditions, may benefit from suit therapy. 

If you want to learn more about suit therapy in Dubai, you can visit our official site. You can book an appointment today and help your child lead life independently.

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