ClickCease Suit Therapy | Hope Abilitation Medical center

Suit Therapy

Though there are different suits, the therapy has a common concept. Using the suit brings to bear pressure-based proprioceptive input that directly impacts the vestibular system to recruit and create new pathways to the brain at a faster pace. Using the suit provides a child with proper posture, muscle tone and patterns of movement impaired by disability.

The main focus of suit therapy is to allow movement to become automatic and more normalized. When paired with an extensive exercise regimen, wearing the suit helps eliminate pathological reflexes.

Performing the Physical therapy exercises while wearing the suit reduce the effect of spasticity, athetosis, hypertonia, hypotonia, and ataxia.

The Suit serves as an external skeletal support for patients. It facilitates independence in the development of new gross and fine motor skills. the Suit therapy accelerates a child's progress.